Is it Safe for My Child to Use Headphones and Earbuds?

Earphones and earbuds, both are used profusely by people of all ages. Yes, including kids and teenagers. Since adults know the correct use of headphones, it is justified to be less worrisome regarding them. However, kids might not know the correct way to use headphones and earbuds. Therefore, there is a need to educate them and to do so, we being adults have the responsibility to get to know everything related to the usage.

Here, in this article, we are going to deal with questions that come in our minds, and all you should know about kids headphones, as well as everything that could help us in assisting our children under ten years of age.

are headphones safe for babies

First thing first, we often have a question that…

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Are headphones safe for babies?

One of the most famous pediatric audiologists, Kristina Rigsby is of the opinion that exhaustion in the auditory systems is dominant in children who listen to the audio for more than eighty decibels. The reason she gave is based on what actually happens when children wear and use headphones or earbuds for too long – permanent hear loos.

To safeguard children from severe hearing problems, WHO (World Health Organization) has started with awareness campaigns. Concerts and festivals with loud music are warned by WHO, aiding in risks that they carry.

So, all in all, it is all about the ways government and WHO has helped to be protective of kids’ health.

Another question that is necessary to address are mentioned and discussed in detail:

Why do our children love doing everything, literally everything with their headphones on?

Well, it is about time and era in which they are living. You would not recall wearing headphones in the washroom, right? It is because it was not much accustomed. Being the kids of the 1970s and 1980s, it was not a norm and only one particular class used to believe in such fun.

Since the time has changed and so are the trends, kids want to jam and listen to music all the time. They listen to music to kill time, as a hobby, and to be more into chicness. You will see them using headphones at the park, in the zoo, at home, and even after school in the school premises.

Another question which is co-related to the first one is…

What happens when children listen to music all the time with the help of headphones? 

Our question is, what do you think may happen? Their hearing would get affected, right? What else? They would find difficulty in coping with people in society. And they will also have concerns in the long run because of damaged ear-drum and ear-canal.

According to ENT (ear, nose, and throat) specialists, children who are prone to ear infections is because of the same reason – too much use of headphones, in short, listening to music on top volume. These physicians and experts of the field also determined that children using headphones 24/7 are more prone to behavioral problems too. In the United States, twenty percent of children lose hearing (completely) yearly.  Symptoms that are revealed after listening to too much music at the top of volume right inside eardrums is seriously affecting children’s health.

are bluetooth headset safe for babies

So, the next question that might be popping in your mind is…

Are there any headphones which are particularly designed for children under ten years of age?

Yes. There are many companies which know the value of headphones designed for the use of children. Not just those headphones and earbuds are specifically engineered and structured for kids, they also tend to safeguard children’s overall ear, nose, and throat concerns.

Once, while we were researching on today topic, someone asked…

What are the ways to prevent hearing complications?

First of all, there are not one but many ways of handling the situation. Enlisted below are some of them;

i) Limited access to headphones and earbuds:

Giving headphones or earbuds to children without any limit is an invitation for them to use it as much or as little as they want. Maintaining boundaries and setting rules is the best way to keep the use of headphones in control.

ii) Special headphones for kids:

If your child is addicted to music and can’t spend a single minute without it, then the best solution is to go with those headphones which are typically designed for children. That way, even if kids go off the board on listening to music, it stays safe. You can check the list of top 10 kids headphones that give justice to young ears.

iii) Use of apps with limited volume:

Installing applications and games on smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets with limited inbuilt sound do justification too. In this regard, adults as in guardians or parents have to do some research.

iv) Keeping low volume:

The most difficult task is to bring awareness to kids about listening to music or audio at high volume. Training how to not listen to audio in loud volume can be frustrating but that will save your kids’ health and life. Therefore, anything for it, right?

volume limiting headphones for kids

Related to the question which is answered above, we have another one.

Are there any myths about listening to music too loud?

Generally, it is believed that if music or audio reaches your ear from the headphones used by a child, then it is too loud. Well, it is totally wrong. Secondly, it is said that earbuds are worst for kids as compared to headphones. It is again a myth and has no justification. Reason being, at times headphones are designed in such a way that sound is distributed in the environment and does not stick to the user. Furthermore, it mainly happens when the earpads are not fixated to the entire ear.

As far as the use of earbuds is concerned, they normally hold the same retention of sound as of headphones. Nothing is different between the two, other than the way they are designed. On-ear, in-ear, and over-ear headphones also have common traits.

Last Verdict – Conclusion:

In short, it is safe for children to use headphones and earbuds. However, there is a boundary that should not be missed. Also, preventive measures should be taken before giving them headphones. That way, complications regarding hearing abilities will never rise.