Avantree Audition Pro Review – Comfortable Bluetooth Over Ear Headset

Aside from my girlfriend, there are only few things that I can say I am in love with. Avantree Audition Pro Headphones are one of those few things in my life. I first came across these two months back when I had to make a short trip to Canada over the weekend.

I borrowed the Audition Pro from a friend who endlessly bored me by telling me how good these were. Needless to say I never believed anything he said until I actually tried them myself.

So, how good were they actually? Well, all I can say is that as soon as I came back from Canada, I had to get two pairs for myself and I did. Most of the time I use it to watch my favorite TV shows. The house is now peacefully quiet!! A huge success. Thanks to Avantree.

Now the question is why I liked these headphones? This Avantree Audition Pro review will tell you why.

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What’s Inside the Box?

Let’s start with what you get in the box. The box and its contents are pretty standard. There are specifications and technical details mentioned on the outside of the box.

Inside, you get to see a typical charging cable that supports Micro USB. You get a 3.5 mm cable for when you do not want to use the pair wirelessly. There’s a manual, a zipper case to carry your Audition Pro with you and the pair of headphones.

Avantree Audition Pro Review

The Design Aesthetic

Like Jaybird X3 the design of Audition Pro is pretty standard over the head wear style. The headband is, of course, adjustable, foamed and covered with a leather resembling material. I say leather resembling because at the price these are available, I doubt Avantree could afford to cover them in leather.

But it is just a thought. Attached at both ends of the headband are speakers with soft foam ear pads, covered, again in a leather like material.

The frame inside is reinforced metal that adds to the durability of the headphones. I found the overall cushioning to be very comfortable.

The lightweight design also makes them ideal to be worn for long hours without ever becoming a bother of any sort. The pair comes in two sets of color combination, black with red and black with brown.

Needless to say I own black and red because they look much cooler.

Sound Quality and Connectivity

Avantree marketed the Audition Pro for its Low Latency certification from aptX. If you don’t know what low latency is, well you are not alone. Without getting too technical with my explanation, latency is the duration between the sound being actually produced and reaching the human ear.

I know! Even I never thought there was ever a lag between the screen and the sound but apparently there is. Anyways, according to Avantree claims, they have minimized that lag to an unnoticeable level with the Audition Pro.

Another one of their big selling points is the in-built NFC in the device which allows for Bluetooth connectivity within mere seconds. Oh! And thanks to this NFC feature, the Audition Pro can simultaneously be connected to two devices to enjoy a shared listening experience.

Now onto the sound quality. The over sound quality is really good and the headphones never actually get too loud to feel uncomfortable. For bass lovers like myself, they offer a bass boost that makes Audition Pro perfect to enjoy movies, games and music.

While there is no active noise reduction present here, the large enough ear cups do a pretty decent job to drown out the ambient noise. If you are not satisfied of the overall output quality, you can fiddle with the equalizer settings to get sound that soothes you more. All in all, the result Audition Pro delivers is more than justified considering its price and built quality.

Battery Life

You may be skeptical about the battery life when you read its capacity, mentioned on the box because it says the headphones only have 550mAh. Fortunately, I had prior experience with them and knew what a beast that little battery was. Avantree states the battery can last 40 hours of playtime, which, Avantree exaggerated, like most companies in this line of business do.

I was, however, able to juice out almost 38 hours of constant use with a single connectivity ( I left the music playing while I slept at night just to calculate the hours the headphones ran on 🙂 ). So, I would say the claims of Avantree aren’t that far fetched.

The company also states a 20 day standby time which I never calculated or tested since I would mostly turn my pair off if I wasn’t actually using them. Besides, if this so called 40 hours of nonstop playtime isn’t enough for you, you can always carry the included audio cable with you, if your smartphone still has an audio jack that is.

Final Verdict

I don’t know if a final verdict is still needed since I gave mine at the very beginning of this review, but I will give you one considering how it has become a tradition to end these things with a verdict. And as much as love my Audition Pro headphones, I will try to not be too bias with it.

Let’s talk about the good first. The most useful feature they offer is dual connectivity, i.e. wireless and wired. It offers great battery life compared to the headphones competing in the similar price range. Not headphones offer NFC, so, that is another plus. The sound and built quality is very impressive, to say the least. And the quick Bluetooth connectivity is just awesome. Not to mention, that price tag the Avantree Audition Pro come with is just unbelievable.

Onto the bad now. Remember the low latency feature I mentioned earlier, well it works best with an added Bluetooth adapter. So, I consider that to be just a marketing stunt. There is no active noise canceling and if it is a feature that you must have then sorry.

Also, while I didn’t have any complains with the fitting of the headband or the ear pads, some of my colleagues did find the headphones to be rather uncomfortable. All of them had big ears, so I am guessing these headphones aren’t suitable for people with large ears. Other than these few concerns, I really couldn’t find any fault in them.