10 Best Bluetooth Headphones Under $50 In 2021 – (Over-Ear and On-Ear)

Who doesn’t like to use the best Bluetooth headphones under 50 dollars?

Well, let it be someone who is rich or poor, he would always go for headphones that are designed and manufactured by the known companies.

We have taken out 80 hours on a stretch to dig the forty best headphones. Then we shortlisted them to recommend ten out of them. Hope you will find them useful.

Well, yes. It is a myth that some of us are always skeptical about the buying of an inexpensive product. To them, cheap products don’t last long and are of low quality.

It is not always true. Reason being, we have gathered a list of ten top-notch wireless headphones that are within fifty dollars. They also do justice to the quality, design, and functioning.

Are you thinking about perks they showcase to the users?

First thing first, these products hold a reputation for casual use. Since they come in all forms (in-ear, over-ear, on-ear) and models they are good for all sizes and shapes of ear. Even the noise cancellation is included in the price-tag bearing $50. Other qualities of any headphone with Bluetooth include strong connectivity to the network or Wi-Fi, controlling powers of the network, and the systematic performance of maintaining bass.

Here is a list of ten best Bluetooth headphones under 50 dollars.

Let’s delve in each and every Bluetooth headphone individually by discussing the features, pros, cons, and reviews from the customers or buyers.

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Headphones Under $50 List

Headphone NamePlay TimeFitPrice
Avantree Audition 40 HOver-Ear Check Price
Hussar Magicbuds9 HEar Hooks Check Price
Mpow H5 ANC30 HOver-Ear Check Price
Bluedio Turbine T2S40 HOn-Ear Check Price
Anker Soundcore Spirit Pro10 HEar Hooks Check Price
TrebLab XR1008 HEar Hooks Check Price
MEE Audio N18 HEar Buds Check Price
Beyution Foldable Stereo8 HOver-Ear Check Price
Mpow Flame Richer Bass9 HEar Hooks Check Price
Ausdom Wireless Headphones20 HOver-Ear Check Price

1. Avantree Audition

Heart-pounding bass and crystal-clear audio combined together in a single headphone.

No doubt Avantree Audition is a surprise to the wearer due to the performance of APTX hi-fi technology.

Now long hours of an uninterrupted musical treat for audiophiles with ultra-comfort to ears in one headset.

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  • Top quality Hi-fi sound experience. Uses APTX hi-fi technology. Rich bass delivery. Superb clarity in the sound. Excellent effect on ears.
  • The long length of battery life. Can play music 40 hours on one charge in wireless mode. Contains dual mode. Can be connected with a cable. No microphone while using wired mode.
  • Lightweight and comfortable. Specially designed for providing ease to ears. Does not make them hot. Good choice for a long period of music listening.
  • Can be connected to two phones simultaneously. One can listen to music and attend a call simultaneously.
  • Contains the feature of auto connect. Can connect automatically after pairing with the device.


  • Proven long battery timing. 40 hours in one charge.
  • comfortable to ears. No itching after hours of use.
  • Clear and excellent sound reproduction.
  • It is good for gaming.
  • Thinner pads. A little thicker will provide more comfort.
  • BECOME uncomfortable after six straight hours of use.
  • Does not stop background noise from coming to the ears.
Why should you buy?
There is no doubt Avantree Audition is one of the best comfort headphones. A shockingly big number of reviewers confirmed the promised features. The reasons behind the vast positive response are the extra-long length of the battery and softest ear pads. Avantree Audition is proven comfort headphones.

2. Hussar Magicbuds

Necessities of a modern audiophile are fulfilled by Hussar Magicbuds.

A single headphone providing ultra tech function with sweat-proof technology. One can enjoy harmonious melodies while working out.

Hussar Magicbuds comfortably allow the wearer to listen and do physical exercise.

  • Comfortable, safe fit, Ergonomic design, and hooks made of silicone. Sweat-proof with silica gel. Ideal for walking, gym, hiking, and cycling.
  • Superb sound and amazing audio volume. Advanced APTX technology. Deep bass and clear treble. Works best for soundtracks and any kind of music.
  • 0 technology to reduce noise reduction of background noise. One can listen to music clearly in a crowded place.
  • Universal connectivity with Bluetooth V4.1 technology. The range of connectivity is up to 10 meters or 33 feet.
  • 9 hours of audio experience on a single charge. The function of the voice prompt. Allows the user to hear the notifications of calls. One can never miss calls.


  • Comfortable with moving body. User can do running, push-ups, squats, and gym wearing it.
  • Super lightweight earbuds.
  • Superb bass response and sound quality.
  • you don’t find issues related to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection.
  • High bass sometimes muffled the sound.
  • Charging problem after some month of use.
Why should you buy?
The sign of five stars by the majority of reviewers indicated the satisfactory notion. Hussar Magicbuds are conformingly best headphones for workout, cycling, and running. Excellent sound quality and superb bass response are the main factors of price justification.

3. Mpow H5 ANC

The intriguing itch of background noise is now removable. Mpow H5 ANC is one headphone equipped with audio noise cancellation technology.

Now the wearer can immerse in a melody while in a noisy place.

Mpow H5 ANC is an optimized headphone with perfect connectivity.

  • Contains the technology of active noise cancellation. Headphones can stop noise during traffic, plane ride, and crowded place. Immersive sound experience in an environment with noise.
  • Upgraded ear cushions. Protein earbuds, earbuds can swivel 90 degrees. Lightweight and designed to be comfortable for wearing all day.
  • Battery backup of 30 hours. One charge can provide 30 hours of audio experience. Can be connected with a cable when the battery is low.
  • Can give the feeling full bass and beats.
  • Built-in CVC6.0 microphone for calls.
  • Have been tested and passed the 10000+ bending test.
  • Suitable for all sizes of ears.


  • Audio clarity in a noisy place.
  • Multi-connect feature for connecting with both mobile and laptop.
  • Immersive bass and clear treble.
  • Wearer cannot charge and use them at the same time.
  • Smell disturbs most of the users.
  • Difficult use of controls.
Why should you buy?
Mpow H5 ANC is positively effective for background noise reduction. The delivery of perfect audio is confirmed in these headphones. The good rating of these headphones is backed with the good quality of connectivity and long-lasting battery. Mpow H5 ANC is among top quality headphones.

4. Bluedio Turbine T2S

No other headphone has taken the long two years to build. Bluedio Turbine T2S is the soft companion of the ears.

The wearer enjoys deep bass and clear treble with seamless connectivity in leather covered headphones.

Bluedio Turbine T2S can rotate to add convenience in listening.

  • 24 inches diameter of speakers.
  • Contains Dual mode. The Bluetooth headset as well as a wired headset. Can run music when the battery is low with the audio cable.
  • Bluetooth 4.1 chip for the immediate transmission of data.
  • 40 hours long continuous music.
  • Rotary design. Can rotate up to 195 degrees.
  • Comfortable for long time wearing. Fits all sizes. Soft leather covering. Easy to use.


  • Build quality is excellent.
  • Controls are easy to understand.
  • Blocks noise fairly well.
  • Not great headphone for precision.
  • Have to repair after every shutdown.
  • Prompts of voice are missing.
Why should you buy?
Bluedio Turbine T2S is one of the best headphones. The build quality is mentioned excellent in the majority of reviews. The main reasons for great acceptance are the verification of promised bass quality and audio experience. The battery timing came out to be exceptional. Bluedio Turbine T2S is referred to and recommended headphone.

5. Anker Soundcore Spirit Pro

Intense workout with melodious treats in the ear is now doable with Anker Soundcore Spirit Pro.

A rare headphone that can optimize the intensity of the music with just a three-button remote. Ideal gadget for both audiophiles and working out enthusiasts.

One can be in drenching sweat and enjoying deep bass and ponding audio by wearing the Anker Soundcore Spirit Pro. A true sweat proof headphone.

  • Sweat-proof in nature. Sweat guard technology that resists the sweat making corrosion. Tested and waterproofed.
  • Dual -EQ modes. The intensity of music can be adjusted according to choice.
  • Customized to fit all sizes of ears.
  • Can play continuous music for 10 long hours. A single charge can last a week’s workout sessions.
  • Contains impermeable hydro seal.
  • Unique hitting sound.
  • Receive calls during a workout. Hands-free setup.
  • Ultra-superior design.
  • Three buttons are there as remote controllers.


  • Sound quality can be optimized.
  • Excellent material quality.
  • Ideal for workouts. Never falls down from ears.
  • There isn’t any issue with the connection.
  • Fragile. Can break after falling down or colliding with something.
  • Does not connect automatically when turned on. One has to do manually.
  • Weak Bluetooth.
Why should you buy?
User reviews are mixed and an overall average of rating is just touching the satisfactory level. There is no shred of doubt in the minds of users about the sweat proofing of these headphones. Anker Soundcore Spirit Pro is one great headphone to own. There is complete satisfaction in reviews about the quality of sound, long life of the battery and uninterrupted connectivity. All qualities of these headphones can justify its price.

6. TrebLab XR100

Reliable and convenient calls on the go are doable with TrebLab XR100.

Fulfills the need of melodious audio during workout sessions with a lasting effect on hearing senses.

One can experience full bass and treble without background noise in a crowded place.

  • Amazing experience for ears with wireless earbuds. Contains advanced Bluetooth 4.1 chip and advanced components. Distinguished intensity and quality in sound with concrete bass that captures hearing senses.
  • Designed to fit securely in ears whether the user is running, jumping, cycling, or doing a workout. Earbuds never fall from the ear.
  • Made to be sweatproof and waterproof. Ideal for the sports person.
  • Blocks outer noise with expandable foam. Clear audio of the call and music in busy places is guaranteed.
  • 8 hours of playtime on a single charge. One can do many activities on a single charge.
  • The microphone is built-in for calls. It contains controls for answering calls, pause, and volume adjustment.


  • Clean and rich outcoming sound without any background noise.
  • Makes workout an enjoyable session.
  • It is easy to pair with electronics. Absolutely no brainier.
  • Bass quality needs equalizer for adjustment.
  • The battery is not as good as promised.
  • The Bluetooth signal is marginally weak.
Why should you buy?
Clearly, TrebLab XR100 is one best headset available. The plus points that justify the price are mentioned in pros. The frequency of good rating among reviews is above than sixty percent. The headset is proven working out gadget.

7. MEE Audio N1

Sophisticated enough to become a media companion in style.

MEE Audio N1 is one such headset that rests on the neck and one feel nothing.

The experience of clear audio on the go is guaranteed. MEE Audio N1 brings stylish use of headsets in daily life.

  • Can transmit and stream sound from laptop, cellphone, and tablet without the mess of tangled cords.
  • Has a wearable design that enables the user to move and go without disturbing audio and voice.
  • Earpieces are designed with Ergonomic technology. Earpieces contain built-in magnets to keep them in one place.
  • Different controls for volume, calls, and media. Also, contain a sophisticated microphone.
  • 8 continuous hours of battery life with one year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Advanced Bluetooth 4.0 technology that enables the user to connect with two devices simultaneously.
  • Advanced 10 mm drivers that produce enhanced bass. Ideal for calls, music, and gaming.


  • Removes background noise effectively.
  • Superb clarity in the sound. One can distinguish each and every word.
  • The neckband is ideal for workouts.
  • Create connectivity problems when paired with two different devices.
  • Controls are extra small.
  • Range of connectivity is too short.
Why should you buy?
The general conclusion from users’ reviews indicates the practical importance of MEE Audio N1 during the workout and running. It is a lightest and best headset. The reduction of noise is excellent that’s why it is liked and acknowledged by the reviewers. The reasons for acceptability of MEE Audio N1 are mentioned in the pros.

8. Beyution Foldable Stereo

A modern high-tech treat for the ears of audiophiles.

Designed to save space and ears from unwanted background noise. Beyution Foldable Stereo is proudly an addition to the collection of audiophiles.

The headset provides a unique experience to the ears that can not be expressed in words.

  • Contains advanced Bluetooth V4.1 technology. The transmission of the data is immediate and without interruption.
  • The headset is foldable that provides convenience and reduces the background noise effectively. One can only hear music or audio in his ears.
  • Can connect to all modern cellphones, laptops, and tablets. The connectivity of Bluetooth is universal.
  • Excellent phone communication by virtue of built-in microphone.
  • Built-in lithium-polymer battery which is rechargeable.
  • 40 mm stereo drivers and CSR chip that enable the user to enjoy the immersive sound, precise highs and lows, and deep powerful bass.
  • Ergonomic design that is wearable to all sizes of ears.


  • Can fit with the behind the ear hearing aids.
  • Excellent battery life for longer use.
  • Good for daily consumption of music.
  • Earpieces become uncomfortable after some time of use.
  • The controls are a little complex to use.
  • Long-term use can cause wear and tear.
Why should you buy?
There is no shred of doubt that Beyution Foldable Stereo is unique and best among wireless headphones. The rating it got from the reviewers is due to its unique design, foldable property, and extra-long battery life. It is a daily gadget for a good number of people.

9. Mpow Flame Richer Bass

Breaking a sweat and tuned into music is now easily possible by wearing Mpow Flame Richer Bass.

A headset made specially to resist water and the effects of sweat.

One can listen to high definitions sounds for multiple straight hours with Mpow Flame Richer Bass.

  • Sweatproof, water resistant, and contains a Nano-coating on the surface that ensures the long-life span of earphones. Ideal for using while running, hiking, gym, traveling, and etc.
  • Bluetooth 4.1 with universal connectivity.
  • Tuned drivers for excellent bass, richer sound, and crispy beats. Also, contain a CSR chip for audio functions.
  • Enhanced comfortability for the ears. Contains memory foam pair on the earpieces. When worn it perfectly fits into the ear canal. Ideal for normal size ears.
  • An upgraded lithium-polymer battery that takes only 1.5 hours to fully charge. A single full charge can play music for 7 to 9 straight hours.
  • Portable and ready to go for travel.
  • The range of connectivity is up to 10 feet.


  • Clear call quality and no issue in listening.
  • Great battery life as promised
  • Quickest pairing with devices.
  • Does not fit well in large ears.
  • When the cord is connected an echoing sound is produced.
Why should you buy?
It is concluded from the reviews of honest customers that Mpow Flame Richer Bass is the best headphone for travel and workout. This headset is recommended and referred by many of the reviewers. The reasons behind it are the true resistance to sweat and water.

10. Ausdom Wireless Headphones

The highest degree of comfort of listening to music is now available in Ausdom Wireless Headphones.

Over the ear headset with a fashionable design never feel like a burden on the ears. Ausdom Wireless Headphones are the latest generation headphones that meet the standard of luxury.

Ideal for watching movies on Netflix and never getting ears tired.

  • Longtime comfort for human skin texture due to artificial protein leather.
  • The fashionable and attractive design in shape and color.
  • Contain built-in microphone. The headphone has the functionality to control the media and phone calls.
  • Can control the music from the headset. It has the function of pause, play, track change, and volume.
  • 5 mm standard audio cable for connecting with non-Bluetooth devices or using the headphone without battery.
  • Contain unique DWT (detailed wireless-sound system technology).
  • Compatible with multiple devices. Android, IOS, and PC.
  • 20 hours of playtime.


  • Outcoming sound has great audio clarity.
  • Mic catches the sound well.
  • The functionality of the media works great.
  • Outcoming sound can be heard by others.
  • Takes a great amount of time to charge. Minimum of three hours for one charge.
  • Can break on falling on the ground or a collision with something hard.
Why should you buy?
It is obvious and concluded that Ausdom Wireless Headphones are the best over-ears headphones. The reasons for its good rating is excellent construction of comfort, the highest degree of voice quality, and desirable media functions.

How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Bluetooth Headphones Under 50 Dollars in 2021- Buyer’s Guide

Choosing right is always a tight decision, right? It makes us wonder about a lot of questions. some of them are directly related to what we are about to buy. Other queries are about indirect associations to the product we really want to buy. In this review, we are going to understand different types of Bluetooth headphones. How and why they are important? What makes them different from others?

Let’s start…

Best Bluetooth Headphones for Office or Work

Remember, over the ear headphones are the best way to get away from the nuisance in the office, or where ever you work. There are many Bluetooth headphones with the noise cancellation features that help in combating environmental noises. On the other hand, we also suggest people opt for in the ear headphones. Reason being, music can remain private with Bluetooth headphones. These headphones are best for those who are worried about the fixture of their hair. In short, you can go for either and enjoy while working – attending calls and listening to music.

Best Bluetooth Headphones for Kids

Headphones for kids are best at times of traveling long distances. These Bluetooth headphones for kids are more durable, rough and tough, and colorful. Bluetooth headphones are readily available in different designs and patterns for kids. So much so that even famous cartoon characters are part of the design. Kids have smaller heads as compared to adults. That is the reason why headphones for children are specially structured. To keep children safe from damages, 85db or little less than that are set to be the listening levels. Last but not least, you need to be particular for Bluetooth headphones for children just the way you are concerned about headphones for adults.

Best Bluetooth Headphones for Travelling and Commuting

Most of us have to travel due to work. Others travel because of traveling to spree and fun. No matter what the purpose is, you need to have a light weighed Bluetooth headphones. Portability in this regard plays an important role. So, making the right choice means a lot, right? You should see the following features in a Bluetooth headphone for commuting and traveling.

First of all, headphones must be foldable, wireless, and with noise cancellation feature. Other than that, Bluetooth headphones should be able to allow music or audio of any kind without any distraction. It should also have the potential to operate for long hours.

Best Bluetooth Headphones for Sports

Sportsmen like to listen to music while exercising and playing any sport. However, there are certain aspects which should never be missed while buying best Headphones for workout or sports. First of all, headphones should remain active and must have clips in order to hold drivers. Comfortable and right fit to the head is a never to go obsolete aspect. Water, sweat, and dust resistant Bluetooth headphones do their trick on the performance of sports. In-line features must be integrated into the Bluetooth headphone. It is because these features allow you to adjust the level of sound, take calls, and also change the song in the playlist. Besides these features, you must look out for monitoring of heartbeat, reflective cords, and audio cues are important too (because they let you know about the performance in the sports).

Best Bluetooth Headphones for Gaming

Gamers like to use Bluetooth headphones that don’t allow distortion in the game. For that, they like to go for gaming headphones. These headphones are specially designed for gaming with outstanding sound quality. In this regard, over the ear headphones are the best choice. Reason being, surrounding noises are virtually channelized through this feature. You can read our complete buyer’s guide on Best Gaming Headsets Under $50 and Best Gaming Headsets Under $100.

Best Bluetooth Headphones for Entertainment

Last but not least, we suggest Bluetooth headphones for entertainment purposes too. It means that Bluetooth headphones for music lovers should have big drivers that could combine high-frequency sound with deep bass. Moreover, the size of the earcups shouldn’t be small. They should be over the ear headphones and should deliver soundstage in different styles. Using in-ear and over-ear headphones are recommended because most of on-ear headphones are a source of distraction.

Last Verdict – Conclusion

All in all, we have done our job by picking the best Bluetooth headphones under 50 dollars. There must be a reason or two to trust us, the researchers and obviously testing team. We have given our best judgments on the products mentioned in this article. We can say that because we have a full-time job where extra bonus hours are given to do complete research and test more than 100 pairs of headphones. Nothing is bluffed or just came up with fabricated information. Everything is legit, tested and researched that can be checked by the users.

What about your favorite Bluetooth Headphones under $50 in 2021? Let us know your picks for the best Bluetooth headphones in the comments section below!