10 Best Gaming Headsets Under $100 For 2021 – Gamer’s Guide

Gaming is largely dependent on solid and long-lasting headsets.

Professional Gamers always look into the integrity of headsets which do justice to their play. Rivalries, success, and defeat all are full of excitement with the right headset.

That is why games are synched with sound effects that actually make some sense to the individuals who are hooked to games.

top gaming headsets for gamers

Manufacturing companies try their level best to produce a headset that meets the requirements of those who create games. It is also a need for many to buy a headset that is cheap but excellent in quality. For that both the parties ensure that tech savvies are given the best gaming headset under 100 dollars solution.

When all three recipients are satisfied, (headset manufacturing companies, individuals who play games, and those who innovate games) it leads to a memorable experience.

Here is the list of top ten best gaming headsets which are under $100.

Our team of specialists who have command over headphones and their specifications took more than eighty hours to compile a list of 25 gaming headsets under 100 dollars. After which they further took another five hours to come up with the ten best gaming headsets. Moreover, we have also included the suggestions and recommendations of Pro-Gamers. Below mentioned headsets are recommended on the basis of their unique features, pros, and cons.

Top 10 Best Gaming Headsets Under $100 List

Headphone NameWeightBrandPrice
Kingston HyperX Cloud 2 0.7 PoundsHyperX Check Price
Logitech G5330.76 PoundsLogitech G Check Price
HyperX Cloud Alpha0.75 PoundsHyperX Check Price
CORSAIR Void Pro0.86 PoundsCorsair Check Price
Turtle Beach1.1 PoundsTurtle Beach Check Price
Sennheiser GSP 3021.3 PoundsSennheiser Check Price
SteelSeries Arctis 51.85 PoundsSteelSeries Check Price
ASTRO Gaming A101.2 PoundsASTRO Gaming Check Price
Logitech G230 Stereo1.98 PoundsLogitech G Check Price
Sades SA902 7.11.1 PoundsSADES Check Price

Let’s discuss each product separately so that you can select one or more of them wisely and logically.

1. Kingston HyperX Cloud 2

Kingston HyperX Cloud 2 is recognized as a professional gaming headphone, and it is famous for superior sound delivery and excellent voice communication.

That’s why it is TeamSpeak certified for enhanced comfort and superior performance.

Now a gamer can relax and enjoy digital comfort by wearing Kingston HyperX Cloud 2.

  • Amazing USB audio soundcard is present with 7.1 virtual surround sound.
  • Superclass delivery of sound from 53 mm magnetic Neodymium drivers.
  • The microphone captures the voice and cancels all noises.
  • An inline sound card cancels all echo from the sound.
  • Memory foam provides extra comfort for ears.
  • Excellent communication by virtue of voice chat optimization.
  • This headphone is compatible with all PCs, Macs, PS4, and game consoles.
  • Crystal clear communication due to optimized voice chat.
  • Isolated sound delivery without any ambient noise.
  • The wire is cloth covered and does not tangle.
  • Ideal for an extended period of gaming.
  • It is not compatible with Xbox One.
  • The cord gets in the way while gaming.
Why you should choose this product?
Kingston HyperX Cloud 2 is one of the best gaming headset under 100.  It is certified from TeamSpeak. You should choose this headset because of its excellent build quality, noiseless delivery of sound, and enhanced comfort while an extended period of gaming. This headphone has already got a rating of 4.1 stars out of 5.0 stars.

2. Logitech G533

Logitech G533 is not only a pure gaming headphone but a headset to experience in-game environmental effects and positional audio.

The wearer can feel the gravity of the gaming situation through his ears.

That’s why Logitech G533 is loved by gamers of all ages.

  • A perfect gaming headset for delivering high-end audio performance. It works only with Logitech gaming software.
  • The wearer experiences in-game environmental effects due to Pro G drivers and X7.1 surround sound.
  • Wireless connectivity range is up to 15 meters with good connection strength.
  • Build quality is durable, lightweight, and modern. It can be worn for hours without discomfort.
  • 15 hours long battery provides non-stop gaming sessions.
  • It has compatibility with windows10, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Mac, OSX, etc.
  • The lightweight headset can make the wearer feel the difference.
  • Excellent wireless connectivity from a long distance.
  • The length of battery time is exceptional.
  • The wearer cannot sit in front of the mirror while wearing it.
  • Fingerprints stay on the ear cups.
  • The USB charging cable is not braided.
Why you should choose this product?
Logitech G533 is one ultra-unique headphone for passionate gamers. Seamless connectivity and long battery life make this headphone a favourite headphone. You should choose this headphone due to its tactical audio experience, build quality, and enhanced comfort.

3. HyperX Cloud Alpha

HyperX Cloud Alpha is pretty good at providing ultimate comfort for prolonged gaming sessions.

It’s convenient controls and functions make it a headphone virtually for all platforms.

The wearer gets the luxury of listening detailed highs and lows without noise.

  • Hyper X Dual chamber drivers make the audio less distortive and more distinctive.
  • Award-winning comfort due to Hyper X with 65 ohms impedance.
  • Expanded headband with durable aluminium frame maintains the sound pressure level of 98dBSPL/mW at 1KHz.
  • The cable is braided and detachable with in-line audio controls.
  • Noise cancellation technology is present in a detachable microphone.
  • This headphone is compatible with PC, PS4, PS4Pro, Xbox one, Mac, mobiles, Nintendo, VR.
  • Extremely comfortable even for extra-large heads.
  • Excellent and solid build quality makes the headphones durable.
  • The audio has great details in highs and lows.
  • Ear cushions become lose after some time.
  • The box contains no replaceable ear cups.
  • The sound leakage can disturb people around.
Why you should choose this product?
HyperX Cloud Alpha is one of the best gaming headsets under 100. Extreme comfort, detailed audio and wide range of compatibility make this headphone ideal for gamers. You should choose this product due to its compatibility, connectivity, and advanced functionality.

4. CORSAIR Void Pro

CORSAIR Void Pro is an all-nighter gaming headphone that provides ultimate gaming experience with superior audio quality and long-range wireless connectivity.

That’s why it is famous for comfort, durability, and crystal-clear voice communication.

Below are some of the highlighted features of the CORSAIR Void Pro RGB.

  • Exceptional comfort for ears due to microfibre mesh fabric and memory foam.
  • Excellent build quality that ensures durability. The frequency response is 20 Hz to 20kHz along with the sensitivity range of 38dB(+/-3dB).
  • 50 mm neodymium tuned drivers for accurate delivery of sound.
  • Microphone responses to the frequency range of 100 Hz to 10kHz.
  • The wearer can enjoy seamless connectivity from 40 feet with 16 hours of non-stop playtime.
  • The microphone receives the voice without noise and it can be muted for convenience.
  • It is compatible with all PCs and all windows.
  • The wearer can walk in all rooms without taking off the headset.
  • The microphone is auto mute when lifted up.
  • Zero drops in call quality.
  • There is no pause/ play button in the headset.
  • The power button is constructed awkward.
  • Microphone does not bend much for voice chat adjustment.
Why you should choose this product?
CORSAIR Void PRO is one of the best gaming headsets under 100. This headset allows the user to roam freely in the house without disconnection. You should choose this headphone because of its excellent build quality, clear communication, and ultimate gaming audio experience.

5. Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach is not just a gaming headphone but a headset for all audio needs.

The wearer can enjoy crystal clear audio with the access of convenient controls.

Turtle Beach is famous for its top-notch voice communication and advanced functionality.

Let’s see some interesting features.

  • Crispy high notes due to 50 mm speakers.
  • The headset contains an audio controller which has connectivity with any Xbox one controller.
  • Clear communication due to high sensitivity mic which can be muted during music or movies.
  • Comfortable headset with less weight than any other retail headset. Ideal for long sessions of gaming.
  • Ear cushions are made with mesh fabric.
  • It also contains audio connection port for Xbox One and other devices
  • Extra comfortable for ears during extended period use.
  • Excellent build quality.
  • The headset is lightweight than any other retail headphone.
  • The headband is made of plastic and can break on falling down.
  • The foam on ear cups can be damaged easily.
Why you should choose this product?
Turtle Beach is one of the best gaming headsets under 100. Communication clarity and build quality are admirable. You should choose this headphone for its enhanced comfort, great build quality, and noiseless communication.

6. Sennheiser GSP 302

The Sennheiser GSP302 is a closed back headphone, designed to provide ultra comfort and acoustic insulation with broadcast level quality of microphone reception.

The wearer can stay immersed in the audio for a long session of music.

Below are some of the top features.

  • The headset is closed from it’s back and ear cushions are padded with memory foam which provides best-in-class noise isolation.
  • Exceptional bass performance and great clarity in audio due to advanced speakers.
  • Microphone reduces noise and captures a broadcast quality voice. The mic can also be muted.
  • Right ear cup has volume controls for adjustment.
  • The frequency response of the microphone is 10 -15000 Hz and headphone’s frequency response is 15-26000 Hz.
  • The sensitivity of the microphone is 41dbv per pa.
  • Closed-ear design for complete isolation of sound.
  • It is a plug and plays headphone, easy to use for anyone.
  • The sound from the headphone does not leak into the microphone.
  • The cable is too short.
  • The microphone can stop working after a few months due to careless handling.
Why you should choose this product?
Sennheiser GSP302 is one great headphone to be owned by audiophiles. The build quality and design are perfect and you should choose it for complete isolation sound experience and ultra-comfort for your ears. This headphone got the ratings of 4.0 stars out of 5.0 stars.

7. SteelSeries Arctis 5

SteelSeries Arctis 5 is a pretty famous headphone because it has won a gaming award due to its acoustic quality of sound delivery and studio quality reception of microphone.

SteelSeries Arctis 5 can be worn for long sessions of gaming and music.

Let’s dig into the top features.

  • The microphone is exclusively branded with ClearCast and delivers clear studio quality voice. It also cancels background noise.
  • The soundcard can be detached and allows a balance between chat and game.
  • 1 surround sound due to S1 speakers, which are compatible with PC, Xbox One, PS4, VR, and mobile.
  • Lasting comfort due to a suspended headband.
  • This headphone has won an award for the best gaming headset.
  • Ear cups have volume controls.
  • Ear cushions are padded with memory foam for extra comfort.
  • The headset can be personalized.
  • Comfortable headset for longer period use.
  • 7.1 surround sound is awesome for audiophiles.
  • The headphone sound does not leak into the microphone.
  • The headset produces an echo with the Xbox One.
  • The game voice adapter is harder to adjust and configure.
Why you should choose this product?
SteelSeries Arctis 5 is an award-winning headphone from the valley of comfort. You should choose this headphone due to its studio quality voice reception and superior quality sound delivery.

8. ASTRO Gaming A10

ASTRO Gaming A10 is not just comfortable and durable but also features exceptional sound quality and noiseless communication.

The wearer can have outstanding gaming and audio experience.

Following are the features that stand it out among the rest headsets.

  • Anodized aluminium and polycarbonate material is used for manufacturing headset. It can stand a damaging collision and that makes it durable.
  • Ultra-comfortable due to memory foam in the earcups. The wearer can stay immersed in audio for a long time.
  • The volume controls are in-line and microphone is omnidirectional which provides exceptional communication.
  • Excellent sound quality is guaranteed with accurate sound delivery during communication.
  • It is compatible with Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo, Mac, and PC.
  • Comfortable and adjustable for every size of the head.
  • The quality of sound is amazing and extraordinary.
  • Build quality is wonderful and exceptional.
  • The mic is not detachable.
  • It does not have PC splitter as advertised.
  • The headphone puts some strain in the neck after 6 hours of use.
Why you should choose this product?
ASTRO Gaming A10 is a great gaming headphone to own. You should choose this headphone due to its extra durable material, great sound delivery, and flawless communication.

9. Logitech G230 Stereo

Logitech G230 Stereo is an enhanced performance gaming headset that completes a desktop for competitive gaming.

The wearer can communicate flawlessly with other gamers and can also enjoy positional audio in game situations.

  • Great quality production of gaming sounds in a headset.
  • Soft and durable earpads constructed with memory foam.
  • The frequency response of the headphone varies from 20Hz to 20kHz.
  • Microphone recepts the frequency from 50Hz to 20kHz.
  • The folding microphone has noise cancellation technology.
  • The controls are placed on the cable for convenience.
  • It is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7, and Linux operating system.
  • It is a long-lasting headphone.
  • The sound quality is amazing and the microphone reception is flawless.
  • Microphone does not bend enough.
  • The cables are of weak quality.
  • The microphone gets lose after some time.
Why you should choose this product?
Logitech G230 Stereo is one good headphone for professional gamers. You should choose this headphone due to its great sound quality, excellent communication, and enhanced comfortability.

10. Sades SA902 7.1

Sades SA902 7.1 is not just a stylish and modern headphone but it also remains comfortable during long sessions of gaming.

The wearer can communicate flawlessly with other gamers while having comfort in the ears.

Let’s dig into the top features.

  • Highest compatibility in a single headset. It can work on PC, Mac, laptops, Windows Vista,7,8,8.1, 10, but not compatible with Xbox One.
  • 1 advanced audio drivers for the delivery of sound. The surround sound is an experience for tactical gamers, it motivates them.
  • Volume controls are placed on cable and a mute button for stopping mic communication.
  • The headphone is plug and play. It does not need a setup software.
  • Comfortable and lightweight earpieces for long sessions of gaming. Ear cups also have LEDs that glow while gaming.
  • The microphone is flexible, unidirectional, cancel the background noise, and receives the voice exceptionally.
  • The headphones are lightweight and fit every size of the head.
  • Build quality is exceptional and durable.
  • Great bass and sound delivery from the headset.
  • It is not compatible with Xbox One.
  • The headset is not comfortable for people with glasses.
  • Microphone does not cancel the noise.
Why you should choose this product?
Sades SA902 7.1 is a one stylish and latest headphone for gamers. You should choose this headphone due to its lightweight, build quality, and flawless communication.

Choose The Right Headset for Gaming In Limited Budget of 100 Dollars in 2021

– Complete Buyer’s Guide – By Pro-Gamers

Honestly, it is pretty overwhelming to see the types of gaming headsets. There is no wonder in explaining the reasons for saturation in the industry of gaming headphones. If you are a hardcore gamer or even a hobbyist, there is a need for knowing “how to pick the right headset for gaming purpose?” However, it is always better to look out for guidance from experts and professionals.

Checklist of Features for Buying Best Gaming Headset Under $100

Here, we have shared all that we have found out about gaming headphones from the top experts of the industry. Let’s delve in them and see why they are important for any gamer headset.

Surround Gaming Headphones

Remember, gaming headphones are better with noise reduction technology. Reason being, gaming headsets have tons of drivers on both sides of the earpads. These are there to provide various audio channels which enables to hear clear audio from different positions. A sound that comes from different angles is a plus point for gamers. This feature let gamers enjoy more and experience the real fun.


Boom microphones are attached within the structure of gaming headsets. Mostly they are found on the unidirectional or omnidirectional format. However, manufacturing companies try not to attach an omnidirectional microphone. It is due to the fact that sounds are attracted from all the sides of the environment. When it comes to unidirectional microphones they are found to be better.

Reason being, they reject outside noise and sound. Nevertheless, there are many professional gamers who do not give preference to boom microphones. Mainly because they are blatant and flashy while playing a game. Clip-on mics in this regard are best as they are less obstructive. In short, if you are a gamer who wishes to experience crystal clear voice (for calling purpose), then unidirectional boom microphones are the right pick.

Comfortability and Ease

Comfortability is something that you cannot get to know before a certain period of time. At first, it is mostly hard to adjust with the headset, but later it becomes better. It is so because the headband expands and loosens up. You simply can’t tell whether the headset would be comfortable or not. Therefore, it is pretty difficult to decide. But do you know there are some tricks to make the right call?

The first thing that you can do is to check earpads, check out the material, headband, as well as earcups. Remembering that leather earcups are custodians of developing sweat after certain hours of use. On the other hand, spongier material will not leave your ears sweaty or smelly.

As far as the headband is concerned, it must not be tight. Instead, it should be such that you can easily wear and put it off. Padded headbands provide comfort though. Moreover, you should be inclined towards light-weighted gaming headsets as they will pertain more comfort and ease.

Now that we know most of the features that shouldn’t be ignored, we should answer the much-asked questions…

Are best gaming headphones under $100 worthy enough for a purchase? Why?

You know that there is a myth. A myth that is about pricing – more the price, better the product. However, it is not always the case. There are many headphones for gamers that come under one hundred dollars. Headsets with one hundred dollars should always be wireless.

There are many headphones which come with features like noise cancellation, best sound quality, lightweight, adaptability of the fitting, and with Bluetooth. All these features are found in headphones under one hundred dollars too. Some of them are even mentioned at the start of the article. Hope you will like them and decide best for yourself as a gamer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gaming Headsets

Following are some of the most common questions that are asked related to gaming headsets.

Why wired headsets better for gaming?

First of all, it is important to endorse the statement that it is better to use gaming headsets that are particularly manufactured keeping in mind the prime need while playing games on any screen. One specific reason associated with it is based on “team playing” which means that almost all gaming headsets come with mic and speakers.

If you want to enjoy the game then you would like to show excitement while winning, sadness while losing, and etc. Moreover, limited distraction is possible through playing while wearing a gaming headset. Also, the quality of the game is increased and the sound intensity or sharpness fulfils the need of a gamer.

Can an individual use a normal headphone set for gaming purpose?

Normal headphones are different as compared to headsets for gaming purpose. Casual headphones are mainly for listening to music which cannot be used for gaming. Reason being, gaming headsets are structured in V shape which emphasizes on the highs as well as lows of gaming.

However, it is said by the experts that even the best headphones for music can at times turn out to be good for gamers too. Requirements of a good headphone or headset are about the amp, surround sound, how the sound changes the EQ and DAC.

How headsets enhance and improve the gaming experience?

Speakers work best when an individual plays a game. However, they never change the experience of improving the performance of a game. It is because of the fact that the sound doesn’t reach ears as it does with a headset. That is the reason why gaming headsets are always in demand.

Conclusion – Last Verdict

All in all, the article is a true representation of what specialists of the field find good in terms of functioning and designs. All the products mentioned are best because of the common grounds. First of all, the prices of all the headsets for gaming are within 100 dollars. Secondly, it is about the features which are excellent and mandatory for gamers to enjoy. Last but not least, it is always about one’s experience and quality of sound that he wants to have around the headset. All these headphones are the custodian of improvising quality of sound which makes them perfect to use.

What about your favorite Gaming Headset under $100 in 2021? Let us know your picks for the best Gaming Headsets in the comments section below!