10 Best Gaming Headsets Under $50 In 2023- Gamer’s Guide

Why are headsets for gaming important? Ever wondered playing games without any headset? What happens? Do you enjoy playing without any sound? Most of us feel bored easily, right?

What is the solution to not getting bored? The solution is to get the best gaming headset.

And more excitement is when you get your headset in a low budget of almost under $50.

Are you curious that how to find such cheap headphones that do justice to gaming?

Yes, we have listed the top 10 best gaming headset under 50 that will help you in buying something substantial and worthy. You may also find some best gaming headsets that are special for well-known games like PUBG Mobile and Fortnite.

In today’s time, people don’t text or type out the message to the teammate. They prefer commenting by speaking, shouting in excitement, or what not.

Gaming headsets are there to take you closer to the reality because it is much more like a headphone with a built-in microphone.

So, if you are looking for the mono or double ear sets/earpieces then this is the right place to be! Because we have listed ten best headsets for gaming under fifty dollars.

Following is a list of ten best gaming headsets which comes under 50 dollars.

We have spent more than 85 hours to come up with the best 20 headsets and then took another 5 hours to list down the best ten gaming headphones. Everything mentioned in this section is based on reviews, pros, cons, and features of the product. If you want to find recommendations, then this article will serve you right.

Let’s begin…

Table of Contents

1. HyperX Cloud Stinger

The experience of a gaming reality can become near to real by wearing HyperX Cloud Stinger.

The headphone provides a direct audio experience during gaming.

The heart of the gamer can feel the gravity of the situation in the game by virtue of outcoming sound.

  • The headphones are lightweight. The ear cups can rotate 90 degrees.
  • The sound pressure level is 102+3 DB BSPL/mW at 1kHertz.
  • The outcoming sound has a precision due to 50 mm directional drivers.
  • The headphones are padded with memory foam and the steel slider is adjustable.
  • The volume controls are intuitive and placed on the headset.
  • The microphones contain noise cancellation technology. The microphone can also swivel.
  • The headphones are compatible with multiple devices.
  • The box contains a user manual for technical instructions before use.
  • The audio experience is enhanced for PCs and consoles.
  • The headphones have compatibility with all the latest gaming consoles and gadgets.
  • The noise cancellation is super effective.
  • The microphone can break on falling down.
  • It does not have wireless connectivity.
  • The sound leakage can disturb people around.
Why you should choose this product?
HyperX Cloud Stinger is one headphone among the best gaming headset under 50. If you are an avid gamer and want to feel the full intensity of your game where your heart starts feeling something strange. Then you should choose HyperX Cloud Stinger. When we asked some Pro-Gamers about their experience in using gaming headphones, they come up with different notions and explanations, while most of them suggest the HyperX Cloud Stinger as the best gaming headset for PUBG. You will get an unparalleled sound experience while playing PUBG against enemies or any other shooting game.

2. SADES A70

The thrill of uncertainty in a game can be felt entirely by wearing SADES A70.

It is a headphone made with skin-friendly material. The wearer can stay immersed in the gaming audio without discomfort for a longer period of time.

The headphone delivering tastes of rich audio. We recommend SADES A70 as the best gaming headset for Fortnite.

  • The headphones contain a high- performance decoder chip. This version is an updated version and it can be operated on iOS and Windows. It has compatibility with every system with a USB port.
  • It can glitter. The glittering rhythm has 6 colours. The beam pad is segmented and the headphone is comfortable to wear.
  • The headphones contain a cardioid microphone and it reduces the noise very effectively.
  • The ear muffs are made with advanced technology. The construction material is skin friendly and reduces heat. The headphone is also resistant to sweat, making it suitable for longer period use.
  • The drivers are 50 mm wide and the headphones are specially packed.
  • The cable length is 2.2 meters.
  • The frequency range is 20-20kHz.
  • An excellent choice for PC and Xbox gaming.
  • The outcoming sound is immersive in nature. The listener can feel things.
  • It has a long cable which is good for stretching.
  • The headphone is heavier than other retail headphones.
  • This headphone does not work with Windows 10.
  • It is not a plug and plays headphone.
Why you should choose this product?
Sades A70 is a great headphone with the latest generation technology. When a gamer wears headphone continuously for hours, he experiences a skin condition. This headphone is skin friendly. To make your skin comfortable during gaming sessions, you should choose Sades A70.

3. BENGOO G9000

The sound shock from a blow in the game can be felt by the gamer in real time by wearing BENGOO G9000.

It is the headphone that does not become hot after hours of gaming.

The wearer can dwell into the realm of colourful characters and hearing senses can perceive the intensity critically.

  • The headphones have multi-platform compatibility. It can be connected with PlayStation 4, Nintendo, laptops, tablets, PCs, PSP, Xbox one, and mobile phones.
  • It contains stereo subwoofers. The delivery of the sound is clear with strong bass. The noise isolation is precise due to 40 mm magnetic neodymium drivers. The outcoming sound also contains a shock feeling. It is perfect for heavy gamers.
  • The design is advanced and humanized. The problems of heat concentration and sweat due to long period use are solved by skin-friendly material. The headset is decorated with L.E.D lights which glow at a rhythm and make an atmosphere.
  • The USB cable contains a volume controller. The effort to adjust the volume is reduced for convenience. The USB cable is 49 inches long.
  • The microphone can be muted.
  • The frequency range is 15-20kHz.
  • The headphone is omnidirectional.
  • The headphone contains an extra long cable for convenient use.
  • The price is reasonable according to the quality.
  • It contains an in-line mic mute system for convenience.
  • The USB cable is the only source of power for the headset.
  • The mic does not have a controlling knob.
  • The headphones can be worn only one way.
Why you should choose this product?
BENGOO G9000 is a wonderful gaming headphone for the new generation of gamers. This headphone makes the long sessions of gaming into a comfortable ride. You should choose this headphone due to its comfortability and unique sound effects. Your grasp of reality will shatter while wearing BENGOO G9000.

If you are low on budget you can check the list of best gaming headsets under $30 on our other website.

4. Logitech G430

Logitech G430 has a three-dimensional surround sound effect.

The wearer starts feeling the unseen things with the first bite of the sound.

It is a headphone ideal for gamers who want to feel the intensity in the guts.

Let go through some interesting features of Logitech G430.

  • The headphone is embedded with DTS technology. It provides a Dolby 7.1 surround sound. The outcoming sound creates a 360-degree field that makes the listener feel things.
  • It is extra comfortable. The earcups are soft and can swivel up to 90 degrees. It provides maximum comfort to the wearer.
  • The built-in mic can fold and rotate up and down. It also reduces noise.
  • The audio adjustment controls are convenient. The cable has volume controls and mute switch close to the hand.
  • It is compatible with PS4 and all versions of Windows.
  • The sensitivity is up to 90 dB SPL/mW.
  • The frequency response of the headphone is 20 Hz-20kHz.
  • The length of the cable is 10.5 feet.
  • The microphone is unidirectional.
  • The weight of the headphone is 10.6 ounces which are super light.
  • The connecting cable is more than 10 feet long. It makes gaming comfortable.
  • The headphone is super light. The wearer does not feel a burden on the head.
  • The voice detection of the mic is exceptional.
  • The build material is fragile. The headphone can crack on falling down.
  • It does not accommodate large heads.
  • The headphone can become uncomfortable after straight 6 hours of use.
Why you should choose this product?
Logitech G430 is one of the best gaming headsets under 50. If you are addictive to the thrill of gaming sounds then you have a gadget for it. Logitech G430 is made to deliver the enhanced shocking effects of advanced games. You should choose it to experience a growling gut feeling.

5. Afnuta Gaming Headset

Afnuta Gaming headset is one of the lightest headset available in the market.

The wearer does not feel any weight on the head. The outcoming sound is noise proof.

The wearer can enjoy all the luxuries of stereo sound without the sound leakage.

  • The headphone has a 3.5 mm single plug with four pins. It can be connected with a notebook and mobile phone.
  • The connecting cable is 3.8 mm dense and extra long. The cable is unbreakable.
  • The microphone is omnidirectional and collects the sound effectively without noise.
  • The volume controls are on the cable for convenience.
  • The headphone is super comfortable. It contains memory foam on the ear cups.
  • It also contains noise cancellation technology.
  • The length of the cable is 2.4 meters.
  • The frequency response is 20 Hz-20kHz.
  • The headphone is super lightweight. It weighs only 0.6 ounces.
  • The connecting cable is long for convenient use.
  • The headphone is super lightweight. The wearer does not feel a burden overhead.
  • The design is practical and durable.
  • The wearer cannot attend calls with the controls on the cable.
  • It needs an adapter for the computer.
  • The mic quality is not the greatest.
Why you should choose this product?
Afnuta gaming headset is the super light headset to own. The outcoming sound has a clarity and stereo effect. You can feel inexpressible things in your ears after wearing it. It is a recommended headphone.

6. SENHAI G9000

SENHAI G9000 is an advanced humanized headphone.

The wearer has the power to enjoy audio on any device. The outcoming sound is clear and the microphone gets the voice without distortion.

All in all, its an ideal headphone for gamers.

  • This headphone has universal compatibility. It has 3.5 mm combo of headphone and microphone connectors. The user can plug the headphone and microphone separately.
  • It is suitable for all PlayStation, all cell phones, all laptops, and all tablets. It is not a USB headset.
  • The earmuffs are made with skin-friendly leather material. The ear cups are soft and comfortable during long period use. The L.E.D lights glare with the rhythm and make an environment.
  • The connecting cable is braided and durable. The tensile strength of the cable is greater. The cable also contains volume controls.
  • The headphone is an example of craftsmanship. The design is stylish and elegant.
  • The microphone is omnidirectional.
  • The frequency response is 15 Hz-20kHz.
  • It supports all 32 bit and 64-bit operating systems.
  • The quality of the outcoming sound is exceptional.
  • The microphone collects the voice without noise.
  • The head strap does not break on falling.
  • This headphone is heavier than other retail headphones.
  • The outcoming sound has leakage.
Why you should choose this product?
SENHAI G9000 is one of the best gaming headsets under 50. The outcoming sound is exceptional. The headset can be used virtually on any device. You should choose it because of its durability and practical design.

7. Kotion Each Stereo

Kotion Each Stereo is a professional gaming headphone.

The outcoming sound has detailed clarity and the incoming voice is noise free. The wearer can enjoy long sessions of gaming without an itch on the head.

Kotion Each Stereo is an ideal headphone for the new generation gamers.

  • The outcoming sound has stereo surround effect. The microphone is omnidirectional and reduces the noise. It can catch every detail of speaking voice.
  • It is a professional gaming headphone with soft ear cups. The gamer can immerse in the gaming audio.
  • The controls are placed on the ear cups. The use of the controls is convenient than ever.
  • The headset also contains RGB L.E.D light. This light glows with rhythm and make an atmosphere in the room.
  • The headphone has multi-platform compatibility. It can be used with any laptop, any computer, and any gaming console.
  • The microphone is adjustable.
  • The effect of RGB lights is exceptional.
  • The construction material is skin-friendly.
  • The outcoming sound is less loud.
  • The headphone is heavier than any other retail headphone.
Why you should choose this product?
Kotion Each Stereo is one of the best gaming headsets under 50. It provides all the advanced features for an avid gamer. You should choose this headphone because of the finest quality sound and durability.

8. SADES A60

SADES A60 is a headphone for professional online gamers.

The wearer can communicate with other gamers without distortion or noise. The delivery of sound has to surround effect.

The outcoming sound creates a lasting environment.

  • The headphones have a high-performing decoding chip and USB7.1 channel surround effect.
  • It provides Xhammer 4D physical vibration. The vibration triggers the ear and the wearer can immerse in audio.
  • The ear cups are made with ventilating protein which is ideal for extended gaming sessions.
  • The height of the headband is adjustable.
  • The microphone can capture the voice from any direction. This can be useful during a battle in a game.
  • The outcoming sound is amplified and provides a shocking effect.
  • The frequency range is 20-20kHz.
  • The build quality is excellent.
  • The microphone is super sensitive. Ideal for communication for online gaming.
  • The outcoming sound has less leakage.
  • The headset is heavier than any other retail headphone.
  • The design of the headphone is bulky.
Why you should choose this product?
SADES A60 is one modern headphone for the collection of a gamer. The communication for online gaming is made easier by SADES A60. you should choose this headphone for excellent communication and lovable vibrations.

9. Turtle Beach Recon 50X

Turtle Beach Recon 50X is a headphone for extended gaming sessions.

The wearer can wear it for days and does not feel a thing. It provides a crystal-clear communication between the gamers.

An ideal headphone for professional gamers.

  • The headphone is lightweight and comfortable. The wearer can wear it for hours even days.
  • The communication is crystal clear. The microphone picks up the voice without the noise. The microphone can be muted for music sessions.
  • The speakers have 40 mm width and deliver a crisp sound to the wearer.
  • The controls are on the cable. The use of the controls is convenient. One can adjust volume with a fingertip.
  • It is compatible with most of gaming consoles and laptops.
  • The weight of the headphone is 12.8 ounces.
  • The clarity of the audio is superb.
  • The headphones are strong and durable. It does not break on falling.
  • It is less heavy than any other retail headphone.
  • The microphone is too sensitive. The receiver can hear another person’s voice.
  • The ear cushions does not stop loud noises.
Why you should choose this product?
There is no doubt that Turtle Beach Recon 50X is a headphone for the ultimate gaming experience. You should choose this headphone for comfort during extended period sessions of online gaming. This headphone will serve you a long time.

10. SADES SA-807d

SADES SA-807d is one affordable headphone for avid gamers.

It has super comfortable ear cups.

The communication quality is near to perfect. It is ideal for online gaming battles where the gamer has to communicate with other partners.

  • The headphone is comfortable and the sensitivity of the mic is adjustable.
  • 40 mm neodymium drivers are present.
  • It provides a crystal-clear communication.
  • The ear cups are padded for extra comfort.
  • It is compatible with all laptops and gaming consoles.
  • The weight of the headphone is 1.05 pounds.
  • The outcoming sound quality is exceptional.
  • The reception of the microphone is near to perfect.
  • The volume adjuster is super convenient.
  • The receiver of the call can hear background noise.
  • It needs a headset adapter for PC.
Why you should choose this product?
SADES SA-807d is a great headphone for gaming professionals. You should choose this headphone because of its quality communication and extra comfort to the ears.

How to Choose the Perfect Headphones for Gaming Under $50? – Complete Buyer’s Guide

Are you skeptical about the purchase of best gaming headsets under $50? If yes, this is what you should read in order to understand the need and demand of the want.

First thing first, you must know that there are several types of gaming headsets. You should also know that comfort, ease, sound quality, and portability are some of the most important components. In addition to that, please make sure that the need is real – you want to elevate the experience of gaming.

What to Know about Best Gaming Headsets?

Enlisted below are factors which determine the best quality gaming headsets. Read and learn all factors that assist in buying one of the best gaming headsets under $50 for 2021.

Purpose of Gaming Headsets

Knowing the purpose of buying the best gaming headset will allow you to know what exactly is the search about.

For that, you must know the platform from which you will buy the headsets for gaming. Since there are different platforms, it is better to know if headsets for gaming are meant for Mac, XBOX, or PC. We would say buy something that could be used for various platforms. A good quality gaming headset are those which come with USB and that supports multiple devices

Microphone and Sound Quality

Obviously, without microphone and sound quality, any gaming headset would be considered a flop. You must check out sound quality through the size of the driver.

Any driver that is of 40 mm (or above) will allow the user to listen without any issue. It also assists with excellent bass which is a must for gaming. Furthermore, the quality of sound is also determined by the noise-canceling feature (Check out the list of top noise cancelling headphones that you can buy in a $100 budget 🙂 ).

This particular feature is important to maintain the focus. Successful online gaming is possible when talking and playing the game is done simultaneously.

For best communication quality microphone is extremely vital. Therefore, you need to buy a gaming headset that serves all purposes – listening to music, talking with online team players, gaming with full concentration. However, you should do proper research on the feedback of the product from the users before making a purchase.


Durability in gaming headsets means a lot. Headsets for gaming should be such which are rough and tough for use. They should always have speakers, pins, wires, and a built-in microphone. Quality should be such that is robust and durability should be for extra hours and life. in addition to that, the headset should always be strong enough to bear minor accidents (where the headset falls and doesn’t break).

In short, if you will not look out for this factor, there is a huge possibility that the connection of headsets is damaged easily.

Comfort and Ease

See, headsets for gaming are such which let the gamer enjoy the game. Therefore, they must be comfortable and easy to wear. It is mandatory to have a certain level of comfort while playing games. If it will not be present then it will be hard to play the game.

In this regard, you must opt for headsets which are light in weight, the material should be soft, and there must protect your ears for years. Understanding sizes helps a lot and for that, you must know which is best for you. Comfort is one of the  main reason why you need a gaming headset.

Which is Better – Closed or Open Gaming Headsets?

See, it is imperial to recognize the differences between closed and open gaming headsets. Sound quality is based on the type you buy. Therefore, if you are looking to find a headset that surrounds noise, then go for an open headset. It will help you in using it for long hours.

These types don’t heat up as such. On the other hand, closed gaming headsets allow you to concentrate and focus on the game. It doesn’t give much importance to surrounding noises though. In short, we recommend you closed game headsets only if you are a professional or a serious gamer.

What about your favorite Gaming Headsets under $50 in 2021? Let us know your picks for the best Gaming Headsets in the comments section below!