Top 10 Best Kids’ Headphones in 2021 – Reviews

Children’s earphones are special and we know why.

When the wireless headphones do justice to sensitive ears of kids, everything starts to make sense. Reason being, cables sort of annoy kids when snarled. Wires also become the cause of irascibility when they get busy in exercises or workouts.

Buying headphones for kids is a quite a big deal. However, it is nothing like fun if you being a parent or elder know the basic information about best wireless or best Bluetooth headphones for kids.

After putting 95 models through more than 45 hours of testing by our expert assessing partners in the panel, we have picked ten best headphones for kids which have either Bluetooth or wireless headphones.

The entire list of ten products is whimsical and duly valued in the market. Performances of each and every headphone mentioned in the list have special features that stand them out among the rest.

Top 10 Products Review – Best Headphones for Kids

Here is a list of ten best headphones for kids. They all have few common traits and some exclusive features which make them best among the rest. Let’s dig more about them and learn which sounds best for your child’s need.

Top 10 Best Kids Headphones in 2020 List

Headphone NameVolume LimiterBest For AgesPrice
Puro Sound Labs 85dB maxAll ages Check Price
JLab Audio JBuddies90dB max2 Years+ Check Price
LilGadgets Untangled Pro93dB max4 Years+ Check Price
Sony MDR-222KD75dB max8 Years+ Check Price
Artix HeadphonesNo limiter3 Years+ Check Price
MEE Audio KidJamz KJ2585dB max4-12 Years+ Check Price
CozyPhones Headband85dB max1 Year+ Check Price
Onanoff Kids Inflight75dB-94dB max3-10 Years+ Check Price
Puro Volume-Limiting85dB maxAll ages Check Price
Buddyphones Wave80dB-90dB max 3 Years+ Check Price

1. Puro Sound Labs

The most comforting and enjoyable headphones are mostly best in terms of what they deliver to their users. Puro Sound Labs Kids Bluetooth Headphones facilitate with utmost, high-end quality of the headphones. As the name suggests, this product has Bluetooth and also comes with the wireless connection.

When we asked experience of using these headphones, we got to learn that it has safe levels of listening audios. Also, in addition to it, children value these headphones because of funky colors to choose from. Colors and hues are basically available in combinations. For example; black and white, golden and tan; and white and silver.

Controlling options are accumulated on the right side.  One of them is for increasing volume, other to lower the volume down, then there is a button which switching on and turns off Bluetooth, and the last one is the power button (for turning the headphones on and off).

When it comes to battery life, it is amazing as it gives up to 18 to 19 hours after charging it completely. Kids can use headphones even without charging as it is a wireless headphone and doesn’t need charging as such.


  • Earcups have easiest controlling options
  • Pretty stylish for kids’ use
  • Quality of material and sound is great
  • Passive isolation of noise is effective enough
  • Construction of headphone is based on aluminum
  • Long-lasting headphones
  • 85 dB is the volume limits
  • Pressure is given on certain points near and in the ear
  • Needs particular wires to work on volume options
Final Verdict
Valued and highly appreciated headphones for kids which are not just durable and wanted; but also great for sensitive ears of young ones. In short, Puro Sound Labs is one of the fabulous options. It is because of features (mentioned above).

2. JLab Audio JBuddies

JLab Audio JBuddies Kids headphones are accessible in markets without hassle. They are found in both, foldable as well as non-folding patterns and designs. Features are mostly friendly for kids to use and are very easy to use. Also, the best of the best is noticed in these headphones – in the form of characteristics it carries.

Encompassment and extra specifications make it unique among other headphones in the market. We have these headphones in several colors with excellent blending. When we used this product to find out more about it, we got to learn that JLab Audio JBuddies has the potential of further personalization. It includes various 3D stickers which have characters and figures.

Since dimensions of these headphones are restricted to 5.5 inches into 4 inches, it is a very compact choice for carrying it to one place to another.

Wires and cable of JLab Audio JBuddies are attached with headphones perpetually. That means, it is not wireless but serves right to children and toddlers.


  • One of the lightest weighted headphones
  • Dial for volume limitation is literally large
  • Folding options are present
  • The material is easy to manage and clean
  • Volume is limited to 90 dB
  • Durability is not strong
Final Verdict
All in all, we can say that JLab Audio JBuddies is one of the best kids’ headphones in the market because they offer an array of color options, excellent styles (in both, foldable and non-foldable designs). Not too tacky for kids and are among the best headphones which come in the simplest and conventional headphones.

3. LilGadgets Untangled Pro

Kids really enjoy LilGadgets Untangled Pro headphones. Why? Majorly because of the fact that these headphones do exactly what the name suggests. It is untangled kind of best wireless headphones for kids.

Another interesting fact about these headphones is based on the fascination part that relies on the built-in sharing port. What it does is quite intriguing. Sharing allows spreading same audio with others without using a splitter.

Moreover, LilGadgets Untangled Pro is considered as best Bluetooth headphones for kids for many reasons. Primarily, it connects other headphones with Bluetooth options. It enables phones and devices to sync and share music that is already on the play.

Another reason is about the cable which is made up of nylon and can be used for SharePort connection.  Coming to the color options, there are funky and trendy ones that draw attention easily. Those include; pink, green, purple, white, and black.

Last but not least; limitation of the volume is possible through easy to access tuner that looks like a tiny wheel. Moving it upward increases volume and when you swipe it down it decreases volume. Placement of this wheel is on the right side.


  • Padding and material used is soft
  • Volume can go up to 93 dB
  • Durability is straightened to several years of use
  • Best for various sizes of heads
  • Padding of the earcup comes off at times (but not always)
  • Unimpressive passive noise
Final Verdict
Chic and trendy headphones which have Bluetooth and comes in various funky colors. Also, it is tested by our experts who found LilGadgets Untangled Pro amazing in terms of volume restrictions and other features (mentioned above). It is also one of the safest headphones for kids.

4. Sony MDR-222KD

Knowing all the demands about headphones which do justice to kids, we have accumulated facts on Sony MDR-222KD. That leaves kids with joy and pleasure because of all the features and qualities it holds.

Being extra careful while selecting appropriate headphones for kids is a given situation. However, being the elder or parents, you must know that these headphones are not ordinary because of some reasons.

First thing first, there are only black and pink colors available in the headphones.

Sony MDR-222KD is lighter than expected and it is the easiest one to sync music through Bluetooth.

The flexibility of head sizes is another feature that makes these headphones worthwhile. It is a great product for all – toddlers, children, teenagers, and even adults.

Volume limitation is superb which makes audio better. Adults and kids, both enjoy specifications and features of these headphones.

Even though attachment of cable is long enough to secure mobility, it obstructs volume. In short, impedance has to be high to function this headphone smoothly.


  • Comfortable in every aspect
  • Best headphones for kids because of durability and longer hours of use
  • Light weighted
  • Limiting volume functionality is inbuilt
  • Cable is too long
  • Sound quality is not as great as other headphones for kids
  • It is not wireless
  • Ear pads are easily removed and torn into pieces
Final Verdict
In short, Sony MDR-222KD is one of those headphones which play safely on kids’ sensitive ears. Other than few drawbacks, this is regarded as the best headphones for children. Readily available and got a nicer backup plan as in the form of a pair.

5. Artix Headphones

What does a parent need in any headphone for his kids? Obviously, he or she looks for something that is secured and smooth while using. Mothers and fathers also vouch out for the betterment of their children in regard to health and fitness.

Artix headphones turn out to be great in use which is why they are included in the list of top ten best headphones for kids.

What do you see in these headphones? Well, these are made with optimum quality material along with the best implementation of technology. It means that sound quality is also flawless and touches quality top rank.

Artix headphones are compact which makes them best for traveling.

Since Artix headphones are solemnly designed for kids and not adults, manufacturers made sure to attract them with the help of enticing color combinations: blue with olive green, pink and blue, orange and black, and purple and pink.

The microphone is intact with a cable that is twisted around to secure entanglement. Has a button which serves as a play as well as a pause button.  Remote control selection option is there too. That makes these headphones even smarter and smoother to use.

When we say that this is the best headphones for your kids, then there must be something unique about it, right? Well, these headphones have a source that is taken care of by elders and not kids. It clearly means that kids can’t change volume from their headphones. Good for their health, right?


  • Easy to move around
  • Plush used in the earcup
  • Noise isolation is intact
  • The cushion is there on a headband to support head
  • Design is foldable
  • Microphone and audio cable are braided for long-lasting us.
  • Volume is not limited
Final Verdict
Artix headphones for kids are unique in two ways. Firstly, it holds a feature that doesn’t let children play with a volumizing button. Anyone who has the source to increase or decrease volume has the rights to do it according to the need. Also, these headphones are hard-wearing as well as high-end.

6. MEE Audio KidJamz KJ25

Whilst accumulating a list of top ten headphones for kids, we found many headphones which fell in the same category. However, some of them failed because of one or the other reason. MEE Audio KidJamz KJ25 was short-listed and it made to the top ten products. Obviously, there are specific features and qualities which contributed towards its stay in the list.

In this section, we are about to discuss some of the main features and specifications of the product – MEE Audio KidJamz KJ25.

Without being biased, these headphones are best with respect to the safety and security of children’s health. Since they are meant for kids and not adults, these headphones are found in beautiful and most common yet acceptable hues of pink, black, and blue.

Despite the fact that packaging and sizing are not adjustable, we still like to recommend these headphones on the ground realities. Reality struck when we could elevate model with a microphone as well as the aligned volume controller against some dollars.

Stereo imaging is yet another feature that is handled with care by the structure of these headphones. What does it mean? Well, it means that both the earcups are labeled with “left” or “right” so that kids can see which one goes on which ear.

Areas of the headphones are duly cleaned and kept away from dirt. Reason being, they are easy to clean.

Since these are not very expensive headphones, it is a big deal to get instructions and guidelines in the package.

Moreover, the volume is always able to get limited which is just another unique aspect of MEE Audio KidJamz KJ25.


  • Volume is easily switched on or off
  • Volume is limited up to 85 dB
  • Durability is strong
  • Quality of material and sound is great
  • Ear cushions are prone to loosen and then falling off
  • Not meant for kids who have bigger heads
Final Verdict
MEE Audio KidJamz KJ25 headphones for children are the most long-lasting ones. They are also flexible to the extent that any technology can stand on its own with the headphones. In short, it is a wonderful pair of headphones. Reason being, it incorporates technology in which volume can be set on the limiter switch.

7. CozyPhones Kids Headphone

CozyPhones Kids Headphone Headband suggests headphones without wires and with Bluetooth feature. It is indeed best wireless headphones for kids. Reasons for it are many which are directly or indirectly respondent to perfect solutions of excellent headphones.

Having said that, it is clear about the competency. Compact in nature and comfortable in style or designing, these headphones validate the durability of the pattern.

Such patterns and designs that are related to these headphones are mostly best in regard to age groups between toddlers and infants.

Another feature which helps in standing out CozyPhones Kids Headband is about the width and breadth of headband – exactly same as the speakers of the headphones (o.31 centimeter).

In addition to it, when you wear headband they are way too easy to adjust. Flexibility is the core ethnic value of the headphones too.

CozyPhones Kids Headband is one of the favorite selections of kids because of the weight, which is very light, the coziness because of its compactness, and above all the designs which include animals and characters (for example: blue unicorn, panda, fox, frog in purple color, kitten, and green monster).


  • Speakers are very small
  • Design is amazing
  • The headband is not just washable but adjustable too
  • Characters allow children to love these headphones
  • The material used is soft and durable
  • The accuracy of volume limitation is not correct
Final Verdict
CozyPhones Kids Headphones facilitates children to enjoy in an imitable way. It also is best for traveling as the compactness of the product is significantly awesome. In short, these headphones are amazing for almost all types of audio activities.

8. Onanoff Kids Inflight

If you are looking for a robust and kids’ friendly headphones that have special features and options, then Onanoff Kids Inflight is one of them. Compactness along with durability is the main feature of these headphones.

Other qualities of these headphones are through legit sources. According to them, it is bendable and has volume limiting options to more than one step.

Since this is one of the best Bluetooth headphones for kids, there are ways of handling the situations where one source can support several headphones through sharing port.

Moreover, with an audio splitter four devices or Buddyphones can be attached without any problem.

Colors and designs of these headphones come in six different manners. Stickers and other decoration accessories are part of these headphones. This actually enhances the responsiveness of kids in a jiffy.

An extra feature that is not usually found in any other headphones for kids is about the inline microphone. It is used for many functions – playing button, as a calling button, and also as a pausing button.


  • Ambulatory cable
  • Compact and bendable structure
  • Synchronized audio splitter
  • Fixtures are nor compatible with toddlers or small heads
  • Sound quality is compromised
Final Verdict
Knowing the best about these best headphones for kids, anyone would want to go and buy them. They have the best three step volume limiting options that come best with accessories and everything else in the form of excellent features.

9. Puro Kids Volume-Limiting Noise-Cancelling

Going to the market and getting something, which is extraordinary is not easy. You have to do a lot of research and study before making the purchase. Likewise, if you are recommended on a headphone set by an expert like us, then it shouldn’t be taken as granted. Instead, it should be seen as an option and maybe the right acquisition too.

Puro Kids Headphone is one of best wireless headphones for kids. It comes with an excellent package of qualities and stipulations. some of them are mentioned below.

To start off with the features, first and foremost, we have to discuss the material and its quality. Well, the material used in the formulation of these headphones is non-toxic. They don’t stipulate on bringing any health issue.

Secondly, the headband is pretty much adjustable and choke-free. Besides that, these headphones are rated well for noise isolation too.

Moreover, when it comes to technology, it connects two or more headphones with the source headphone. It doesn’t even require an extra splitter and the battery life is supersonic (20-22 hours).


  • Has sound controller
  • Tangle-free and choke free wire
  • Best noise isolation up to 85%
  • Compact and light on weight
  • Quality is at times compromised
Final Verdict
Puro Kids Headphone is the product of Puro Sound Labs. In short, these headphones come with the best qualities and features that most are not matched with other headphones for kids.

10. Buddyphones Wave

Buddyphones Wave is considered as the best headphones for kids. Reasons are many. Validities are also many. However, what is not many are the flaws in the headphones.

Among many features, there are some which actually make these headphones unique. What are they? Well, for that read on and you will get to know all…

Firstly, these headphones are constantly on the child’s mode which makes it easy to connect to more than two and less than four BuddyPhones Wave.

Secondly, in the study mode, these headphones produce terse and sharp vocals. That is perfect for listening to the audio lessons.

Moreover, its design, pattern, materials, and other variables are children friendly.

Last but not least; limitation of the volume is governed by the circuits of the sound controlling panel. It means that all volume levels are approved by the WHO (World Health Organization).


  • Various listening levels and modes
  • Built-in waterproof qualities
  • Durability is strong
  • Battery life is more than 20 hours
  • Materials are non-allergy based
  • Has the potential to distort
Final Verdict
Last but not least; BuddyPhones Wave is quite decent, approved by WHO, and can be synced with a maximum of four other BuddyPhones. Also, it is one of the best headphones for kids because of the fact that the battery life is more than 15 and less than 20 hours. Moreover, it is water and dust proof headphones designed especially for kids.