10 Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Under $100 In 2021 – (Over-Ear and On-Ear)

Waiting in the subway to catch the train or working on something while listening to music seems really interesting. However, the very same “good feel” vanishes when jeopardizing feel manifests in the body.

Combating such situations with the appropriate and best noise cancelling headphones under 100 dollars or pounds makes much more sense than screaming on others to shut their mouths, right?

In such a condition where you want full attention on music and not the background, you need to rely on really good headsets or headphones.

In short, everything between good and bad background is sanctioned through these headphones. You being the user of these headphones tend to enjoy much more than expected.

However, there are some areas that need to be discussed before going into the depths of the best noise cancellation headphones in 2021. Those include; quality of sound, comfort while wearing the headset, and other unique features.

Yeah, “other features” are determined on the way they are manufactured and the way they are used.

Enlisted below are some of the best noise cancellation headphones which come within the range of hundred dollars.

But wait…

Do you know that these headphones are recommended after thorough and intense research of total fifty hours? Well, we have invested first thirty-five hours in making a list of those noise cancelling headphones. Then, we further divided them into a range of hundred dollars. And then the last five hours were restricted to picking the best ten. Hence, due to the best research, the list entails most recommended noise cancelling headphones under 100 dollars.

Top 10 Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Under $100 List

Headphone NameWeightMusic PlayPrice
COWIN E7 ANC 0.22 Pounds30 Hours Check Price
TaoTronics ANC0.61 Pounds30 Hours Check Price
Srhythm Bluetooth Headset0.1 Pounds
24 Hours Check Price
Boltune ANC0.61 Pounds30 Hours Check Price
Mpow H100.61 Pounds30 Hours Check Price
Anker SoundCore1.12 Pounds20 Hours Check Price
COWIN E7 PRO0.85 Pounds30 Hours Check Price
Paww WaveSound 30.76 Pounds24 Hours Check Price
Bluedio T40.73 Pounds16 Hours Check Price
TOWAYS Hiearcool0.55 Pounds40 Hours Check Price

Let’s review all the top ten products one by one.


COWIN E7 ANC is a remarkable travel headphone that converts boring long travel into a melodious journey.

Its upgraded noise cancellation technology ensures perfect communication in noisy places.

The wearer is set free from the mess of tangled wires.

  • The noise cancellation technology performs well and successfully reduce the noise. Hearing senses can focus on the desirable sound even inside a plane cabin, traffic noise, and busy offices. Clarity of sound is certain during soundtracks for a sophisticated audiophile. The wearer can switch to wired mode and noise cancellation still works perfectly
  • 40 mm large drivers produce a sound that has clarity, quality, and richness. Effective bass response in a quiet atmosphere creates a wonderful musical environment. Powerful audio combined with clear tunes justifies the price invested.
  • A sensitive built-in microphone is perfect for communication. It captures every note of human voice and transfers the message without ambient noise. The connectivity of the Bluetooth is quick and seamless. There is no tangling of wires.
  • Earcups can swivel 90 degrees and ear pads are made with protein that enhances comfort while listening. These headphones do not make earshot during an extended period of use.
  • The battery is powerful enough to provide a 30 hour play time. The wearer can carry these headphones for a long trip and never worry about the power shortage.


  • It is a good deal with 18-months of manufacturer’s warranty.
  • The user can do household chores while listening to music.
  • Build quality is solid and durable.
  • The battery timing is real and lasts 30 hours.
  • There is crackling sound in speakers on a loud volume.
  • Earcups can become loose after 6 months.
Why should you choose COWIN E7 ANC?
COWIN E7 ANC is a wise choice made by a rational audiophile. Its durable construction, comfortable delivery of sound, flawless and noiseless communication, and great battery timing are proven qualities. You should choose COWIN E7 ANC due to any of these reasons.

2. TaoTronics ANC

Tao Tronic ANC separates the listener from the voices of the world and delivers the quality sound of music.

This wireless headphone gives the power to shut the world completely off and let the melody do the magic.

TaoTronics ANC is also famous for its functional battery which supports great sessions of audio experiences.

  • Active noise cancellation is effective enough to cut out the user from the voices of the surroundings. The wearer experiences the depth of music in unique isolation.
  • 40 mm drivers deliver quality sound and thumping bass with comfort feelings in the ears.
  • The extraordinary battery has a unique functionality of 2 hours of music time on a 5 min charge. A complete charge provides 30 hours of playtime.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 provides the user with uninterrupted connectivity and the microphone serves perfectly for clear communications during voice calls.
  • The headphones are foldable with rotatable ear cups and protein pads for comfort.


  • Excellent build quality makes the headset durable.
  • Noise cancellation is as effective as promised.
  • Controls are convenient in use.
  • The battery runs a significantly long time
  • Bass is limited on techno soundtracks.
  • The micro USB port is constructed lousy.
  • Bluetooth is not universal.
Why should you choose Tao Tronics ANC?
TaoTronics ANC is a functional headphone that qualifies the standards of modern audiophiles. You should choose these headphones due to its exceptional battery, quality sound delivery, absolute isolation, and convenient controls.

3. Srhythm Bluetooth Headset

Srhythm Bluetooth Headset is not just a stylish headphone but it creates a personal oasis of quite due to its effective noise cancellation.

When the play button is down, it kills all other sounds and creates a perfect audio environment.

The wearer enjoys leisure activities with a full load of musical beats.

  • Active noise cancellation technology works effectively to reduce noise by up to 92%. It works perfectly in traffic, crowded cafes, and plane cabin. The wired mode also delivers sound without ambient noise.
  • The headphone is constructed with quality materials like protein memory foam that provides a stylish and elegant outlook along with the convenience of music anywhere and anytime.
  • Long battery time can provide the power for several playlists. A complete charge can run the headphones for straight 24 hours.
  • This headphone has the quickest pairing and Bluetooth V4.1 and NFC technology make the connection fast and long range. The headphone can stay connected from the distance of 33 feet. It also connects automatically with the last paired device.
  • The design is exclusive and balances the air pressure and headband has adjustments. Stylish construction puts these headphones into an elite category of headphones.


  • Pairing takes less than three seconds to complete.
  • Quality of sound is just like direct listening to singers.
  • The headphones reduce noise and create an isolated quiet place.
  • There are no volume controls on the headset.
  • No airplane adapter in the box.
Why should you choose Srhythm Bluetooth Headset?
Srhythm Bluetooth Headset is one great headphone for creating a quiet place in a noisy and busy environment. You should choose Srhythm Bluetooth Headset due to its style, universal connectivity, exceptional sound delivery, and perfect creation of a quiet place.

4. Boltune ANC

Boltune ANC is pretty famous for its range of Bluetooth connectivity and extraordinary battery.

Boltune ANC delivers stereo sound and alleviates the feelings of the user by maximizing physical ease and comfort.

The wearer can roam freely all over the house without disconnection.

  • Noise cancellation technology is upgraded and works fastly. One hit at play button shuts all noises in just a second. It works like a charm at all noisy places like flight cabin, a busy road, and crowded dinner.
  • Qualcomm CVC audio technology uses very low power and delivers stereo sound and uses Bluetooth 5.0 for connectivity.
  • The battery is perfect for delivering 30 hours of playtime with just less than an hour of charge. This battery gives 2 hours of playtime on 5 mins of charge.
  • During phone communication, the reduction of noise is perfect. The range of connectivity of the Bluetooth is 66 feet and that is four times longer than usual wireless headphones.
  • The protein made earpads are designed to release pressure during long sessions of music. These headphones provide classic audio experience to the user.
  • It comes with a 24-month warranty.


  • Premium sound quality without any distortion and crackling.
  • Comfortable protein padding provides relaxed sessions of music.
  • Pairing with devices is instantaneous and easy.
  • Powerful battery lasts for 30 hours.
  • Longest range of connectivity in retail headphones.
  • Pairing history of the headphone is difficult to clear.
  • The design is bulky in nature.
Why should you choose Boltune ANC?
Boltune ANC is a time-tested headphone that delivers stereo sound without noise. You should choose this headphone due to its long range of Bluetooth connectivity, extraordinary battery, maximum comfort, and ergonomic design.

5. Mpow H10

Mpow H10 is popular due to its dual microphone that can carry communication to another level.

Mpow H10 has a practical design which makes it an ideal companion during travels and commutes.

The wearer can feel absolute isolation of musical sounds.

  • Dual microphone ensures clear communication without scratching noise or any distortion. Active noise cancellation reduces noise up to 32dB and the wearer can focus on the lyrics of songs without the distraction of ambient noises.
  • The headset is tailored to provide comfort all day by means of a delicate headband and soft protein pads. The ear cups can rotate and fit perfectly on the head.
  • CSR 8635 Bluetooth chip enables a strong, stable, and continuous connection. The microphone has CVC 6.0 technology that does flawless communication.
  • The battery is solid and provides 30 hours long playtime. It also contains a wired mode for playing music without battery.
  • Quality of sound is standard and components are durable. The manufacturer provides 2 years of warranty.


  • Bluetooth functionality is easy and connects with almost every Bluetooth device.
  • Sound quality is great and the bass response is amazing.
  • The headphone is lightweight and foldable.
  • Active noise cancellation does not work in wired mode.
  • It does not have USB DC adapter.
Why should you choose Mpow H10?
Mpow H10 is a standard quality headphone that emits accurate soundwaves. Advanced Bluetooth functionality, dual reception of microphone, all day comfort, and 2 years warranty are some strong reasons to choose Mpow H10 as your personal headset.

6. Anker SoundCore

Anker SoundCore is a perfect travel companion for music lovers because it has a durable and long battery with minimum charging time and media can be controlled effortlessly with the touch of a finger.

The wearer can stay indulged in the music for straight 20 hours without discomfort.

  • Noise cancellation technology is hybrid and it can reduce the noise up to 93%.
  • Volume and media controls are situated on the headset and media functionality can be controlled with the tip of a finger.
  • The premium battery is made with lithium-ion that can provide power for a continuous 20 hours in wireless mode. The battery can last up to 50 hours in wired mode. Noise cancellation works perfectly fine in both wired mode and wireless mode.
  • The headphone is foldable and it comes with a carrying case.
  • It has 18 months of manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Magnetic drivers produce quality sound and deep bass.
  • Bluetooth connectivity is universal and pairing is instant.
  • Media controls are touch sensitive and convenient in use.
  • Active noise cancellation is mediocre.
  • The headphone is not sweat resistant.
  • It can break on falling down from a height.
Why should you choose Anker SoundCore?
Anker SoundCore is a great wireless headphone with a dual microphone. You should choose this headset because of its reduction of noise, advanced functionalities, universal connectivity, and extended comfortability.


COWIN E7 PRO is known for its motto, “lose wires and lose noise”.

This headphone enables the wearer to travel 100 feet from the device and still enjoy the stable connection and music.

COWIN E7 PRO is a remarkable headphone for people who love to spend days listening to music.

  • Professional noise cancellation reduces every type of noise and delivers a sole sound that is rich in expression and detail. Active noise cancellation works perfectly in wired mode as well as wireless mode.
  • 45 mm drivers have a large aperture, due to which the delivery of sound is loud, accurate, and excellent.
  • The earpads are made with protein and earcups can swivel up to 90 degrees. The headphone remains entirely comfortable during all day use. A 2 hours break from music is recommended for comfort for the ears during full day headphone use.
  • Wireless connectivity is stable, strong, and continuous due to Bluetooth 4.0 and built-in microphone serves the best in the reception of human voice.
  •  The battery is powerful enough to withstand 30 hours of playtime
  • It comes with 18-months of manufacturer’s warranty.


  • The Bluetooth functionality is latest and upgraded with a range of 100 feet.
  • Ear cups are big enough to fit any size of ears.
  • Noise cancellation is as good as promised.
  • The sound reproduction is of higher frequency than normal.
  • Volume controls need improvement. The minus button is higher than the plus button.
  • This headphone is not sweatproof.
Why should you choose COWIN E7 PRO?
COWIN E7 PRO is a recommended headphone for long sessions of music and beats. Long range of connectivity, durable build quality, active noise cancellation, and 18 months warranty are some strong reasons to choose COWIN E7 PRO as your personal headphone.

8. Paww WaveSound 3

Paww WaveSound 3 is undoubtedly ideal headphone for a flight from Sydney to Los Angeles due to its perfect noise cancellation and finest reproduction of music.

Paww WaveSound 3 does its magic and all noise from the ears vanishes into the thin air.

Let know about some top features of Paww.

  • Active noise cancellation works perfectly and reduces ambient noise from the sound. The wearer can enjoy noiseless music in a flight, on a busy road, and in a crowded dinner.
  • 40 mm beryllium drivers produce a balanced sound with a wide range of frequencies and latencies.
  • The headphone is constructed to serve the user perfectly with protein earpads, dynamic earcups, an elastic headband. The media controls are easy to use.
  • It allows the freedom to connect with multiple devices at the same time. This headphone is compatible with all AI devices.
  • Two people can enjoy one movie or music at the same time due to “share my function”.


  • The range of Bluetooth is longer than any other wireless headphone.
  • Ideal headphone for long flights and air travel.
  • Battery life is enough for a long flight or long session of music.
  • Holding down the power button is difficult.
  • Frequent charging problem after a month of use.
Why should you choose Paww WaveSound 3?
Paww WaveSound 3 is one great headphone to own. It has a long range of connectivity, enhanced comfort, ergonomic design, and durable build quality. You should choose these headphones due to the reasons mentioned above.

9. Bluedio T4

Bluedio T4 is remarkable, stylish, and modern headphone that is popular due to its excellent reproduction of sound and vibrant bass.

The core features of Bluedio T4 are unique in nature and completely justify its price.

Here are some of the highlighted features of Bluedio.

  • Advanced noise suppression technology destroys every type of disturbing noise and delivers quality audio. The wearer can forget the surrounding world and focus on the music.
  • 57 mm drivers smoothly deliver crisp sound, vibrant bass, and precise mids during a soundtrack.
  • Earpads are soft due to artificial protein and ear cups have holes in them for maintaining an air flow for successful emission of sound.
  • The headphones are constructed with polymer materials and has a chromium finish. All this makes the headset durable, stylish, and elegant.
  • It has TYPE-C three in one interface which enables one port to charge and transmit data.
  • The headphones are foldable and portable. One can carry it in a bag easily.


  • Great sound and build quality at a reasonable price.
  • The headphone has 0% sound leakage. The wearer can not disturb people around.
  • Media controls are easy to use.
  • Earmuffs are round in shape and do not cover whole ears.
  • These headphones are a little heavier than any other retail headphones.
  • It has very annoying voice prompts.
Why should you choose Bluedio T4?
Bluedio T4 is an excellent choice if you want to enjoy great reproduction of sound. This headphone creates an atmosphere for the wearer. You should choose Bluedio T4 due to its durability, style, advanced functionality, and perfect isolation from the outside world.

10. TOWAYS Hiearcool

TOWAYS Hiearcool is a wonderful headphone with clever design and advanced functionalities.

This headphone creates a perfect limbo where a true soul can rest for a while.

Here are the top features of TOWAYS Hiearcool.

  • The reduction of noise is perfect that the wearer can hear silence due to active noise cancellation technology. one can make his listening private and confidential.
  • More pronounced audio is delivered due to magnetic speakers, and more vibrant bass is produced. One can listen to precise notes of a musical tune.
  • Bluetooth is excellent and has a 33 feet long range of connectivity.
  • A 3.5 mm Aux cable is included in the box for wired mode.
  • The headphones are a good deal because it comes with a 24-month warranty.


  • Clear sound with a good amount of bass rejoices the listener.
  • The battery is strong enough to carry the musical session for several hours.
  • Noises cancellation is supreme and it creates perfect limbo.
  • The headset only rotates 90 degrees and it can’t be folded.
  • It is a little heavier than other retail headphones.
  • Sweatproof technology is missing.
Why should you choose TOWAYS Hiearcool?
TOWAYS Hiearcool is one of the best noise cancelling headphones under 100 dollars for an audiophile because of its long range of connectivity and comfortable music sessions. You should choose TOWAYS Hiearcool due to its functionality, build quality, supreme sound experience, and adaptability.

The Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Under 100 Dollars  in 2021

– Complete Buyer’s Guide

Noise cancellation headphones have taken a toll on both, popularity and trend. Their sound quality is a lot better than any headphone which does not have this feature. However, what matters the most is the functionality. Therefore, the question…

What are the Dynamics of the Best Noise-Canceling Headphones?

According to people, noise cancellation is all about the reduction of background sound. Question is, are you sure if this is all about the noise cancellation headphones? To be honest, the answer is in negative. Reason being, there are other aspects attached to headphones with noise-reducing features. For instance, the heavy-duty built-in motherboard has all counter reactions to the outside sound. Emission of sounds waves which cancels the sounds from entering the headphones.

Moreover, the range of cancellation is determined with a percentage. Generally, it ranges between 70 and 95 percent.  This leads to clearer sound quality. Also, more the percentage of noise cancellation, better the clarity. Resulting in no need of increasing volume and relying on the sound reduction feature.

Features to Look for Before Buying a Noise Cancelling Headphones Under $100

Features that must be checked before the purchase of best noise-canceling headphones under $100 are mentioned below in detail.

Adaptation of Noise Reduction Facility

First thing first, you need to check the noise cancellation facility. Its adaptation alone could be the pivot point of its success and demand. They are able to customize performance based on the outside world. Surroundings are naturally included in the outwardly part too.

The best noise-canceling headphone is still the one which adjusts itself according to the settings and situations. Some headphones are better as compared to others. What makes them better could be the question in your mind. Well, it relies on the percentage of closed sounds from the environment.

Voice Assistance

Another feature that is mostly attached to noise-canceling headphones is about voice assistants. This is not a mandatory feature but obviously, any headphone with this feature can add meaning to the system. Google Assistant and Siri are integrated into these headphones so that you can experience the excellence of any best headphone set.

You can enjoy and keep yourself on track with this feature. Reason being, most of the time answers are based on real and factual information. Besides that, these voice assistants help in playing as well as selecting songs, doing reservations, sending messages, and much more.

Wireless and Wired Noise Cancelling Headphones

It is much more important to know and understand the complexities of wired and wireless noise-canceling headphones. See, it is observed that the noise-canceling feature comes with Bluetooth. It would be amazing if you get to find a headphone with both features. Kind of necessary too for a mind-blowing experience. Reason being that with noise reduction and wireless headphone, the flawless play of music is guaranteed.

Nevertheless, you can opt for wired headphones if cables and wires are the choices. Definitely, priority and preferences matter.

Adjustability and Fitting

Fitting and adjustability play a vital role in the determination of best noise cancellation headphones. It means that whether you get an over the ear headphone or on the ear headphone, every time fitting must be checked. However, it is observed that over the ear models have a plush fit.

Also, they have a tight seal that keeps the noise away from entering the headphone. Smaller headphones with the right fit are considered good for daily use. Bigger sizes are however good for professional use.

Battery Life

The battery is another aspect that makes a lot of difference in the performance of any noise-canceling headphone set. Standby time, using time, and charging time are the components which let us know about the battery life. These days, headphones work for more than 24 hours in less than an hour are trending.

Indeed, there are many headphone models which have the option of turning off the noise cancellation feature. This is pretty helpful when the battery is about to die and you still want to use the headphone. Going on the “passive mode” enables you to use less battery. Eventually, it runs for more than designated using hours.

Conclusion – Last Verdict

What will happen if you do not follow the checklist in the form of points mentioned above? Will you be able to enjoy the headphones at all? Are noise cancelling headphones worth it? Would you not be able to find the right fit? Well, the answer to all these questions is based on the need and desire to find the most appropriate noise-canceling headphones. In this regard, it is best to follow the checklist.

In addition to it, better go with the need and experience a new world with noise cancellation headphones. In short, the best fit is possible only when you follow the pointers. And in order to do so, you will need to understand each and every aspect too. That way you will know the importance of battery life, connection to the outside world, etc.

What about your favorite Noice-Cancelling Headphone under $100 in 2020? Let us know your picks for the best ANC Headphones in the comments section below!