10 Best Studio Headphones of 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Stereo systems, music, equilibrium of different sounds, and certain other aspects are the fundamental grounds of any approved studio headphones. However, when we add the word “best” to it, they become more challenging as we look for extra features and specifications.

Best studio headphones come with unique potentials that are not present in each and every studio headphone. That is the reason why we had to hire a team of experts who took more than 100 hours to complete research on the categorization of professional studio headphones.

Hunt for best recording studio headphones stops when you read this article. Reason being, we have catered and done a dissection of top best headphones for studio production in deepest manner possible – the basic information, our experiences after its use, pros, cons, and a brief idea of what to buy.

The music industry has special requirements and each of it is either facilitated by togetherness of devices (features and buildup) or custodianship of music instruments.

Areas which need to be discussed prior delving into product reviews are dependent on amplifiers, headphones, speakers, electronic drums, and etc.

Reviews mentioned below are given after utmost hard work of experts of the field. Hence, they according to many are the rightful and legit ones.

Availability of tons of headphones for studio use in the market leaves us with skeptical and more weariness emotions. In such conditions, it is always good to depend on the experts’ choice. Following is the list of our ten best recording studio headphones.

Top 10 Best Studio Headphones for 2020 List

Headphone NameTypeFrequencyPrice
Sennheiser HD280 Pro Closed-Back5Hz–25kHz Check Price
Sony MDR 7506Closed-Back10Hz–20kHz
Check Price
Sennheiser HD 600Open Back12Hz-39kHz Check Price
Audio – Technica ATH-M50xClosed-Back15Hz–28kHz Check Price
Beyerdynamic DT 770 ProClosed-Back5Hz–35kHz Check Price
AKG K 240 MK IISemi-Open15Hz–25kHz Check Price
Focal Spirit ProfessionalClosed-Back20Hz–20kHz Check Price
Ultrasone HFI-780 S-LogicClosed-Back10Hz–26kHz Check Price
Beyerdynamic DT 880Semi-Open5Hz–35kHz Check Price
Shure SRH840Closed-Back10Hz–30kHz Check Price

1. Sennheiser HD280 Pro 

Starting off with first best studio headphones for mixing, it is worth mentioning the difference between any general and studio headphones. Studio headphones don’t have bass or other sound’s frequency play in headphones.

Having avowed that, it is pretty much clear that these headphones have somewhat same features what any good professional studio headphones may entail.

Besides that, the history of Sennheiser is a German-based product (incepted in the year 1945). A bit on the economic side, these headphones do justice by providing a combination of both – price with good quality of sound and product itself.

Features that cover Sennheiser HD280 Pro include blends and mixes that any studio headphones may require. Along with that, flat representation of music is another plus point of this product.

Other advantages may incorporate excellent designing, pattern, color combinations, and most importantly; padding on the headband, the durability of earpads, and protracted cord for best results.

Earpieces, on the other hand, are lightest in comparison to other studio headphones of the same category. Last but not least; Sennheiser HD280 Pro is tremendously flawless on sending and receiving signals. There is also no hissing or lows and highs in the deliverance of sounds. Last but not least; these are considered as best budget studio headphones.


  • Noise isolation is extremely great
  • Portable and foldable
  • It is light weighted
  • Sound quality is just flawless
  • Comes in robust plastic craftiness
  • Economical in price
  • Unattractive designing
  • Clamping on headphones doesn’t suit many
Final Verdict
Sennheiser HD280 Pro is one of those best headphones for mixing that indeed does justice to a musician or one who wears to get paramount eminence of sound, bass, and everything in between.

2. Sony MDR 7506 Professional

In judgment to modern and most authentic products, these headphones have done an excellent job in producing exactly what is required from any studio headphones. What is left however is still for good as it is not much needed by professionals.

Musical ranges are always looked at to assess the functionality of any mixing headphones. In this regard, we have to confess that Sony MDR 7506 Professional are delivering their promise – balanced musical assortment, high-end sound quality, appealing design, the dynamic range of frequency, and free of distortion.

Apart from the features revealed above, Sony MDR 7506 Professional is all about the clear pitch of sound with minimum noise. With all that is projected by the product, we can be certain about the tremendous job – aligning and fraternization of sounds in a fusion of excitement and calmer way.


  • Sound excellence stands out among other headphones
  • Noise isolation is pretty unyielding
  • Comfortable and user-friendly
  • Long-lasting and resilient design
  • Affordable for almost everyone
  • Fixed cable
  • Pattern and design of these headphones is quite simple
Final Verdict
All in all, these studio headphones are parameters of finding everything in one product. Let it be bass without heaviness or seamless frequencies, Sony MDR 7506 Professional wins hearts of many mavens of the field.

3. Sennheiser HD 600

Rock performances with upheaved music and clarity of sound are only doable with best budget studio headphones. As they have anything you would want in them, these headphones do complete justness to ears.

Sennheiser is that headphone which compromises on nothing especially bass and delivers exactly what is required by the wearer. Its performance is rock solid leaving behind reasonable studio headphone operating system.

Comfortability and sound quality are two main features that stand out while using Sennheiser HD 600. What is not applicable in these headphones is actually workable for many. Reason being, sounds are taken care of and not set in a position where they bring discomfort. Also, the material used in covering earpads is of premium quality. The user can actually wear it for hours and hours without feeling stressed or sweaty.

Sounds are of high quality too which make these headphones even better. Reasonable, economical, and long-lasting are some other qualities that cannot be ignored.

Construction of Sennheiser HD 600 is comprised of three parts – ear pads, grill, and cable. Each of them is divisible. This feature actually enables resilience of headphones which means longer life as compared to other normal headphones. Read Complete Review Here.


  • Quality of sound is solid
  • Comfortability is maximum
  • It is best for longest sessions in recording music, and etc. in studio
  • There are several parts and each can be detached easily without any issue
  • Long cables are also able to get separated from each other
  • Unfortunately, the use of plastic is more than normal
  • It can’t be folded
  • Takes some time to adjust these headphones on different sizes of head
Final Verdict
No wonder Sennheiser HD 600 is one of the best studio headphones. If you want to know why then it is because of comfortability and other features mentioned in pros. Also, other reasons include construction of headphones and sound production.

4. Audio – Technica ATH-M50x

If looking for a studio headphone in the budget, good sound quality, and excellent construction is needed, then here is the best headphone waiting for everyone. Although these headphones are taken and considered as the best in terms of sales, feedback from customers calls it “average set of headphones”.

Materials used in these headphones are dependent on 45 mm of earth drivers to exhibit sound production. Also, one thing that makes it stand out among the rest for which it is included in this list of ten best studio headphones is about ear design. Well, yes! designing and structure of ATH-M50X are such where earplugs are pretty much near to ear. However, not to the extent where it disturbs eardrums. From a health point of view, these are the best studio headphones.

Interestingly, it creates incomparable noise isolation in pretty loud surroundings. Sound performance is of the highest level – resonating fact about unique experiences in listening audios. Since there is a huge understanding of reproducing soundtracks by the brand itself, clarity and accuracy are checked in all steps of producing these headphones.


  • All cords are separable (that includes coiled one too)
  • Softest earpads
  • ATH-M50X is foldable because of amazing design and structure
  • Ear cups are not just comfortable but easy to put on too
  • The headband is also relaxing after and during wear
  • Pads are large in size
  • Noise isolation from outside is noticed
  • Leakage to sound is also observed
Final Verdict
All in all, ATH-M50X are given a biased opinion about performance and demand in the market. Users find these headphones great as well as a bit too tacky to wear and get what they want. However, best feature according to many is that cables, when broken, are fixed easily. Sound production and designing make it a little different though, the reason why it is liked by many.

5. Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro

Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro are the headphones good for two types of people. Firstly, those who are looking for right sound quality and secondly those who are in hunt of appropriate construction or designing. However, if someone wants both of these qualities in one headphone, then Beyerdynamic serves the purpose too.

Also, these headphones are best for two types of people – those who create music and other is the category that listens to music on computer or systems. It is understood that music creators are into durable as well as premium quality products in recording studios. The second classification intends for those who are into listening songs in the computer of any sort.

Unlike many other studio headphones, these have an extremely robust connection. What does it mean? It clearly denotes about the connector that has TRS pin and is 3.5 mm in length. Designing and construction, on the other hand, is clyster clear. These ensure the durability of the product because of high-end quality materials.

The metal used in the headband as well as ear cup speaks for themselves and don’t need many appraisals. It is obviously due to the fact that they never die on people as in don’t fail them in any way. Also, it is because of the protection of plastic and rubber used in manufacturing headphones.

Sound equilibrium and eminence can work on computers easily. It can actually adapt technology used in a computer to play music and create new music (other than in the studio). Despite the fact that it is a robust set of headphones, you still will observe heaviness in the bass as of cans. In simpler words, lower notes are more emphasized through these headphones.


  • Best feature is about hearing the optimum level of notes and layers of music
  • It is not ordinary headphones because of excellent sound quality
  • Pitch of these headphones is much more like stereo headphones
  • Music is generated from 360 degrees
  • Professional studio headphones
  • New and progressive music creates change in ambiance
  • Less volume creates more music
  • In terms of sound quality silver version is better than black edition
  • Less bass and more treble is found in the black limited edition of these headphones
  • Earpads are not of good quality in the black version
Final Verdict
All in all, if you want to own headphones that comprise of all basic features, then these ones as the best. Beyerdynamic DT 770 Studio doesn’t come without any purpose. The main focus of these is to use in studios. However, if you want general ones for routine commuting, then going for portable and wireless headphones would do justice.

6. AKG K 240 Stereo

What comes as best in AKG K 24- MK II? Is it just sound or there are other qualities too? Well, to be honest, these headphones defend its purchase on several notes. Firstly, sort of an open design worn over ear makes it unique and worthy in the market. Secondly, it is economical, in reach of everyone, and affordable. Last but not least; these headphones are known for mastering and mixing sounds along with precision in listening.

Design, creativity, and build of AKG K240 MK II facilitate wearer with comfort. That comfort is basically because of open design. Also, maybe it is due to the bass sound that is produced in the closed design. Despite the fact that these headphones are a bit too large, especially the smaller ones; they are lighter in weight than many other studio headphones.  There are other great characteristics attached to these studio headphones. Those are mentioned in the pros section.

Materials used in the making of these studio headphones are of optimum level. So much so that no matter what you do, they don’t fail to amaze you. Nevertheless, you need to actually mistreat to break them apart. The response of sound from AKG K240 MKII is clear with sustained balance. It means that bass sound is high and enjoyable.

In short, these headphones are good for the studio because of the following reasons;

  • Tracking and recording of songs, music, or audio of any kind
  • Mixing of songs also provides the best result
  • Applications are synched to these headphones that gel in pretty well


  • Studio headphones with self-adjustable headband
  • Comfortable design
  • Best for long sessions
  • Velvet earpads are excellent in absorbing sebum
  • Changing earpads is not complicated at all
  • Earpads are replaceable effortlessly
  • Cables are also separable
  • Valor earpads aren’t liked by some customers
  • Cable isn’t too large to fit the need
Final Verdict
All in all, AKG K240 MKII Stereo Headphone is all about greatness packed in a box – excellent sound, design, price, and practicality. If you want a durable set of studio headphones then this is the right call. Reason being it has all that a pro, newbie, or expert would demand from a headphone.

7. Focal Spirit Professional

Monitors in the studio world are nothing without these headphones. Among many qualities, innovative design and loudspeaker activation actually help them to be listed in best top ten studio headphones. Focal Spirit Professional also ceases cultivation of low-quality product by introducing lightness in weight, extra damping features, and robust togetherness of parts. Besides that, the material used is titanium that is combined with an alloy driver.

The stylish and chic design makes it ever wanted in the market. To serve the need, it comes in both types of styles – funky and bold, or simple and plain. Earbuds are made up of wet material with “left” and “right” on them.

Isolation and sound quality are claimed to beat other studio headphones. Along with that, comfortability is not conceded. As we know that mixing of music and audios is not a not a good idea (with closely designed headphones and monitoring sources), but these ones tend to make everyone happy while doing so. Overdubbing of audios is also considered to take its optimum shape while trying out Focal Spirit Professional. Isolation and sound, in short, are competed with HD25 IIs.


  • Great isolation in studio and stages
  • Sounds are crisper and more aggressive as compared to other studio headphones
  • Heavy in weight and big in size
  • Doesn’t have much detailing too
  • Male sounds and voices are better than that of females
Final Verdict
All in all, we can say that Focal Spirit Professional commercial studio headphones are the epitome of filling a need. However, there isn’t much information regarding them but still, they have made their way to the list of top ten studio headphones. The reason is primarily based on sound quality.

8. Ultrasone HFI-780 S-Logic

First thing first, Ultrasone HFI-780 are those headphones which were designed with a mission in mind – to provide toned and fine-tuning of sounds. For that, it had to have thicker earpads and innovative ear cups. Moreover, sounds created by these studio headphones are positioned centrally. In other words, dispersed into the driver location. Since these are latest and most refined headphones of Ultra, this comes in the limited edition for all those who are into analytical listening.

Usage of technology in Ultrasone HFI-780 is a pure combination of micro-acoustic support and precision dampening. It also allows spatial strictures, buffer-broad, and driver to play a significant role in being a counterpart. As long as comfort is concerned, it is regarded as the best one because of a reason: it doesn’t create rashes or discomfort even after wearing it for hours and hours. Quality of vocals is crystal clear with punchy bass. Therefore, it makes it best studio headphones.


  • Bass is pretty much punchy
  • Mids are also considered good as compared to other studio headphones
  • MP3 players, smartphones, and other smaller devices are best to be synced with Ultrasone HFI-780
  • Sound isolation is of good quality
  • Reliability, trustworthiness, and fidelity defines these studio headphones justly
  • Expensive and not economical
  • The excessive range of surround sound
Final Verdict
In short, these headphones provide all that a professional studio musician might want – smooth yet warm and crispy sound. However, sound isolation is just beyond good and justifies everything. Since it is a closed headphone, you can easily listen to songs in high volume without troubling others as such.

9. Beyerdynamic DT 880

Beyerdynamic DT 880 is a lot different than its other versions. According to many users, DT 880 seems to look premium in designing and price wise. However, that is not the case. It could be because of materials. Steel is the main material used in these headphones. On the other hand, DT 990 is quite rickety. In these headphones, bands are replaceable and even removed completely. You can also unbutton the clips to adjust the size (another quality not found in DT 990).

Stability, comfort, and durability are some words that define DT 880 very well. Obviously, there are many reasons to justify. First of all, clamp on headphones is very stiff. That gives an edge to hold on tightly and don’t slip off like any other substandard studio headphones. Since steel is robust and doesn’t make you worry about breaking, the user feels comfortable in handling it differently. Earpads used in this model of Beyerdynamic is beyond expectation. Large, comfortable, and spacious are some adjectives used for these earpads. In short, earpads used in these headphones are good enough to eliminate pressure in the ear.

Surround sound and isolation are fairly disturbed. Despite that, it doesn’t fail the user at any point. We would recommend these headphones to those who are experienced ones and have used studio headphones before as well. We should let you know about its quality of not curbing noise from the surrounding. It means that they will take to set you in an environment.


  • Performance of sound is super crisp and amazing
  • The design is half opened
  • Spacious headphones
  • Made out of steel
  • Fit is comfortable
  • Stability, durability, and long-lasting headphones
  • Design at times leaks sound (outwardly)
  • Cable is hardwired
Final Verdict
In short, Beyerdynamic Dt 880 is a signature studio headphone that isn’t just comfortable but soothing as well. The sound is high pitched and has mid-range warmth while listening to music for too long.

10. Shure SRH840

There are two types of earphones: in and over earphones. Shure is known for its worth in market of in-earphones for decades. However, it will not be wrong to say that relatively newer headphones have made their way faster to the peak of popularity. Closed-back designed headphones that too in economical price are the main reasons for Shure’s admiration. Also, these headphones are not for kids or daily use. Particularly made for professionals, experts, and those who have to perform on stage with huge systems.

Design and style of Shure SRH840 are over the head and not inside. It validates sound on the basis of all that it could handle. The MP3 player and other small devices are synched properly with SRH840.

Safety wise, SRH840 are and must be kept inside. Reason being, light and tight places can actually destroy them easily and without much effort. Since they are large in size and requires more space, it is advised to be careful. Maybe the way you used to be with traditional headphones. Again, the design doesn’t appeal much but it is amazing in performance.

If seen and tested or even viewed from the manufacturer’s side, these headphones are much more productive than any other headphones.


  • The sound is awesome with pitch clear bass
  • Warmth is passed on to ears by super-sonic earbuds
  • Responsive and durable in terms of value
  • A bit heavy in weight
  • Designs of these headphones’ flukes
  • They are not medium but large headphones
Final Verdict
Last but not least; these headphones are amazing in its own capacity. Known for its usage in professional life. Surround sound, quality of bass, and everything in between is legit enough to make a purchase.
What about your favorites Studio Headphones in 2020? Let us know your picks for the best studio headphones in the comments section below!