How Long Do Bluetooth Headphones Last | Beats Inside

Bluetooth headphones are a great alternative to the traditional wired earbuds that come with your phone. They offer more mobility, and let you listen to music without being tethered to your device. There is one question on everyone’s mind though: how long will my Bluetooth headphones last? 

If you’re looking for a new pair of wireless earphones, how long can they last? In this blog post we will discuss 10 factors that go into determining how long bluetooth headphones last so that the next time you are considering purchasing a new pair, it should be an informed decision!

10 Factors That Determine How Long Bluetooth Headphones Last

1. Quality

The quality of a headphones’ materials and construction will have an impact on how long they last. Headphones made with cheaper plastics are going to be less durable, while higher-quality metal or hard plastic can make your headphone more resistant to drops and breakage.

2. Durability

Headphones made with cheaper plastics are going to be less durable, while higher-quality metal or hard plastic can make your earbuds more resistant to drops and breakage.

3. Price

While more expensive headphones often come with better durability, they are also usually less likely to break down or malfunction simply because they were made from higher-quality materials. Budget earphones will only last as long as the price you’re willing to spend on them–so if they are cheap, chances are that’s all you’ll get: a short lifespan and an unsatisfying customer experience.

4. Controls and Wires

Bluetooth headphones are much more likely to last because they don’t have any wires. If you must use wired earphones, then make sure the ends of your cable aren’t frayed or exposed in any way that could cause them to short out–this will save you from having to replace your investment sooner!

5. Materials

The materials can affect how long your headphones last. Higher-quality metal and hard plastic are more resistant to drops or breakage than cheap plastics, but even better is if they have some sort of moisture protection so that sweat doesn’t cause them to malfunction sooner!

6. Fit

A well-fitting pair of earbuds is not only more comfortable but also less likely to fall off and get tangled with other items when it’s time for storage. On top of this, inadequate fit can lead to a loss in sound quality as the buds might be too loose and unable to properly seal against your eardrums.

7. Frequency

The frequency at which you use your earbuds will also affect how long they last. If you don’t care about the quality of sound and just want a cheap pair to listen to in bed, then it’s not going to matter what happens after time–just get some that are inexpensive so if/when they break down or stop working, no big deal!

On the other hand, those who value good audio may wish to invest in high-quality headphones with an active noise cancellation feature for better listening experience on the go. The more often you use them, the faster these features can wear out.

8. Comfort

It’s important to feel good while wearing your earbuds! If they’re too tight or not comfortable, it will take a toll on the quality of your music listening experience. Look for headphones made with soft materials and that have an adjustable band to ensure proper fit. These factors can affect how long bluetooth headphones last by keeping you happy!

9. Sound

The sound quality of your headphones will also affect how long they last. Higher-quality earbuds are going to produce better audio–especially if you’re listening to music or watching videos on the go! For those that value good sound, it’s important not only to invest in quality but also durability features like active noise cancellation for a richer experience.

10. Environment

The environment in which you use your earbuds will also affect how long they last. If you plan on using them outside, then it’s important to invest in waterproof or water-resistant headphones that are made with quality materials and have a tight seal so there is no moisture getting into the wires! This will make sure they last longer than those cheap pairs from the dollar store!


All these factors can contribute towards determining how long bluetooth headphones last: some more than others. It’s up to the user as well as their needs and wants when choosing which purchases work best for them! The next time you need new wireless headphone, take all this into account before making an informed decision about what might be right for you and your lifestyle!