How To Calibrate Headphones | BeatsInside

Many people are not aware that when they purchase an expensive pair of headphones, they need to calibrate them in order for them to sound how the manufacturer intended. This process can be complicated and time-consuming, but luckily we have you covered! In this blog post, we will go over how to properly calibrate your headphones so that you get the best listening experience possible.

How To Calibrate Headphones

1.Plug your headphones into the sound source

Plug your headphones into the audio cable and plug in on the other end to an audio output that is connected to a device such as stereo speakers, TV set, or computer speaker system.

2.Turn up bass volume all the way

After you have plugged in both ends of your headphone cord to ensure that it is working properly, turn up only one side’s volume control knob until it reaches maximum level (or leaves their respective channel completely). Generally speaking, this will increase treble levels for some producers while decreasing them for others with greater emphasis on lower frequency ranges like those found in hip hop songs and heavy metal music- but not always! This step will ensure that your headphones are calibrated to the sound source they will be used with.

3.Turn down bass volume all the way and measure ambient noise level

In order for you to properly calibrate, it is important for a relatively quiet environment so that you can find out what background noises may interfere with your listening experience in louder environments like these.

After turning down one side of volume control knob until there is no sound coming from either headphone cord- now turn up only one side’s volume again until it reaches maximum level (or leaves their respective channel) while being mindful not to disturb those around you by making too much noise! This step will help determine if any external sounds might affect how the listener perceives certain types of music or movies.

4.Test your Headphones by Playing a Song and using the volume knob to find what sounds best for you

Keep in mind that some songs have louder parts, or more bass than others, so it is important to adjust accordingly if need be after doing each of these steps separately from one another.

For example- you may like listening to punk rock with the bass turned up all the way while watching an action movie where there are gunshots heard throughout because this can create tension which would not be present otherwise! You might also enjoy higher treble levels when listening to jazz music as opposed to classical music due their different instruments and recording techniques (or vice versa).


After following these four simple steps, you should know how loud vocals should be in a song, or how much bass to expect from an instrument. Repeat steps one through four for the other side of your headphones and ensure that both sides are calibrated independently as well! After doing this you should have figured out what sounds best for you- now go enjoy some music with all of your favorite songs!