How To Clean Headphones And Earbuds? – The Ultimate Guide

It’s a given fact that cleaning is necessary. Not just to eradicate filth but also to maintain durability and comfort in using headphones and earbuds. Necessities of cleaning headphones and earbuds include certain items. Those are readily available in the market.

In this article, we are going to discuss methods as well as tips on how to clean headphones and earbuds. But prior we do that, it is better to answer frequently asked questions.

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How To Clean Headphones And Earbuds?

Well, answer to it is simple – so that one can stay away from illness, filth, medical conditions, and concerns that may govern health in one or the other way.

Besides that, it is also important to clean headphones and earbuds in order to produce the best audio performance. Another reason being, even a very small portion of debris in the earbuds or headphones can cause low or a total cut of audio/music.

how to clean headphones and earbuds

What are other reasons to make headphones and earbuds spotless?

Honestly, you will be amazed to learn that headphones and all those products that go inside ear have certain tendencies. Yeah, probabilities and possibilities to stick sebum and wax.

Wet and sweaty ears have a higher risk of getting dirty. Therefore, it is suggested to use personal headphones. Borrowing them is and never was a good idea (based on hygienic facts).

Do clean headphones and earbuds have a longer life?

Yes, as compared to dirty ones, clean ones certainly have a longer life. Durability and sustainability also enrich and increases because of care. It is just like clothes are taken care by proper hanging in the wardrobe, ironing or pressing it nicely, wash right after use, and etc.

What can I use to clean headphones?

Since leather and other sensitive materials are used in headphones, it is a bit tricky to clean them up. Following steps mentioned below can assist in everything you want in the cleaning process.

Step 1: Simply wiping does wonders at times.

However, you have to be sure about water usage while wiping. First of all, earpads must be removed from the outer surface. Then, wipe exterior frame of headphones without wetting and just dampening cloth. Liquid soap and water should be used if the frame of headphone is in a very bad condition. If not, simple water is good enough.

Once headphones are thoroughly wiped, drying becomes important. Therefore, take another dry cloth or paper towels to dry. At last, place headphones in indirect sunlight or air to let it dry inside out.

Step 2: Again, moisten a small cloth by using hand sanitizer or alcohol. Then, wipe the external part and areas of headphones. Afterward, dip a cotton bud in alcohol and clean crevices and nooks of earpads.

Step 3: This is another way of handling the situation. Take some hand sanitizer or alcohol and drop it directly over the flat surface of headphones.

Next, create lather or foam. Gently clean in rotation from all angles and sides. Bacteria living in small hideouts in earphones will be killed within seconds through this step. Dirt and other grunge will also be exterminated this way.

How do you clean a headphone jack?

There are many ways of cleaning headphone jack. Here, we have mentioned the process of using air compression. For ease, small steps are discussed. So that you don’t find difficulty in following them in any way.

Step 1: Get compressed air. That you can buy from the electronic market in the form of can. Computer shops are other best places to get these compressed cans.

So, either go to electronic or computer shops. Well, computer shops keep compressed air because debris and other dirt is blown away easily through the air. Jack doesn’t get damaged that quickly or easily. Reason being it is not inserted inside parts. Hence, it is safe to use compressed air to clean earbuds or/and headphones.

Step 2: Next step is to direct nozzle of air opener to jack of headphone. Remember there are various types of air compression cans. Some of them have small and thin sticks that hang out of the can.

No wonder these types are amazing, easiest, and comfortable to use. It is because of the fact that smallest stick hanging outside helps in cleaning the targeted area easily.

Step 3: Last but not least; the final step is to press air so that it dispenses onto the area that needs cleaning. Few blasts will assist in releasing debris and everything unclean from the inside. You have to take out debris, dirt, muck, and mess carefully. Slow actions help much in this regard.

how to clean headphones

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How to clean earbuds?

YouTube, music, and other audios require earbuds. And excessive use always rests debris and another sort of mess inside. For cleaning it, there are several ways. Here, we have mentioned one method – cleaning with a toothbrush.

Let’s focus on the procedure of cleaning in elaborated steps.

Step 1: Dried residues and softened dirt on the surface level of earbuds are removed easily.

However, “how” is the main concern. In this regard, you only have to use a toothbrush. Dust off everything on the exterior of earbuds by slow motion of toothbrush.

Ensure disconnection of earbuds from the source as in smartphone, iPad, iPod, and anything else. It will save the device from water and other materials used in the process of cleaning. Take earbuds to a safer place, the one where it doesn’t have chances of dropping.

Step 2: Now look for a toothbrush that is not used. If you don’t find any, then it is preferred to buy one. Any type with hard or soft bristles. However, harder ones are recommended because they don’t loosen bristles easily. Ensure it is dry as well as clean.

Other traits of toothbrush you must look for include nylon bristles. It is for the reason that they don’t break up with static electricity. And you can work inside and outside of earbuds without worries and concerns. Bristles of toothbrush must narrow but long enough to infiltrate to coverings of earbuds.

Step 3: Third step is to scrub off dirt nicely but very gently. Otherwise, dirt will destroy (bring scratches) thin layer on the outer layer of earbuds. Ear-wax in the dried form, sebum, and pocket fluff might be witnessed after cleaning. Although this method works fine with headphones and earbuds which are not much used.

Step 4: After thorough clean-up, don’t reuse toothbrush. Simply throw it away. Get another one for next time. If you think a toothbrush is not too dirty and can be reused, then sterilize before using it again. It will kill germs, bacteria, and other filth that had been picked from earbuds.

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Conclusion – last verdict

Once you have cleaned earbuds and headphones, it is time to start using them again. We wish you all the best luck in using clean and debris free products.