How To Disable Headphone Jack on Ps4 Controller PC

Have you ever wanted to disable the headphone jack on your ps4 controller? Whether it’s for a PC, or just an annoyance when in-game audio is louder than what you have playing through headphones,

If so, read on to find out how! 

“As an avid gamer, you know there are many advantages to using a controller. You can use it on your PC or PS4 without any issues and the experience is really great! However, if you don’t want to lose that headphone jack on your controller then this post will be for you.” 

“While the PS4 controller does have a headphone jack, you can’t have your audio and mic plugged in at the same time. This is why gamers use a special splitter so they can chat with their friends while playing.” Using third party tools such as a 3.5mm Y splitter will let you plug both your headphones and mic into the controller simultaneously.

If you’re having issues hearing your teammates or just want to adjust volume on PC, here’s what you need to do:

  • 1) Press down the PlayStation button as if you were going to open up the ps menu (don’t actually click it). This will bring up some options on screen. Click “Adjust Devices” . If this option doesn’t appear then either the controller has no updates or it is not connected to the console via usb
  • 2) Your controller should appear on screen with some information next to it. Click your controller (it might be hard to click, since you will need to right click).
  • 3) A menu should pop up with options for your controller. Go down until you reach “Audio Device Settings” . Click that and then another window will pop up.
  • 5) Set your output device settings to “All Audio”. This will allow you to hear everything through both headphone and speaker at the same time! Just make sure there is no sound playing before switching this option on or off.”      

If having both audio sources plugged in together is something you want all of the time, you can disable the headphone jack by doing this:

How To Disable Headphone Jack on Ps4 Controller PC

  1. Connect your ps4 controller to the usb cable that came with it. Make sure it’s connected securely and not loose.
  2. On your console, go to “settings” > “accessories” . Ensure your controller has full charge on it so there are no issues. If the console detects a problem here then try troubleshooting first before moving on by following these steps 3 & 4.
  3. Go back to settings again and click “devices” . Once here, click “Bluetooth Settings” .
  4. Select “Disconnect Controllers”, then choose which controller you would like to disconnect from bluetooth. The light on top of the controller will begin to blink fast.
  5. Go back to the bluetooth settings and select “Register New Device”. Your ps4 controller should appear, but once it does choose “Forget” s s
  6. Once registered as a new device your controller will now be an audio only device. Connect your headphones/mic as you normally would and wait for windows to install drivers if needed. If windows still says no sound card found even after this process, there might be an issue with the usb cable or bluetooth itself.”         

There you have it! Now you can play all of your games worry-free knowing that sound won’t be an issue ever again. Enjoy!