How to Fix Broken Headphone Band?

If you are a headphone user, then you know the struggle of finding headphones with an adjustable band. The standard size for most earbuds is small, but not all people have their ears in the same place. If your headphone band has broken or become damaged and it cannot be fixed,

Ever since we started using headphones, we have all experienced the same problem: a broken headphone band. Who hasn’t had to deal with the annoyance of having their earbuds slide out and get caught on something? It can be especially frustrating when you’re in public or at work.

This blog post will talk about how to fix your broken headphone band so that it doesn’t happen again!

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How to Fix Broken Headphone Band?

Here are some ways to make them usable again!

Fixing the strap:

You can fix a broken or damaged headband by gluing together one side at a time as needed so that it fits securely over your head without falling down around your neck. This method works best if there’s just one break in the band.


Wear a hair tie worn on top of your head like a headband and slide it up and down your head to make a temporary fix. This method works best if the entire band is broken or damaged and there’s no way to fix it completely

Sports / Sweat Band: 

Headphones that have an adjustable band can be temporarily repaired with a sweatband. The sweatbands sold at stores such as WalMart, Target, Dick’s etc., for between $0.50 and $5.00 tend to work well for this purpose.

Cut the sweatband so you only use the portion where the headphones will go through and put it in place on each side of the headphones headphone hook or holder and cut off any excess around the holder with scissors so they stay securely in place while wearing them.

Bobby Pins:

Bobby pins can be used to make a temporary fix by pinching the crunchy part of the bobby pin and sliding it over the headphone holder.

Loose elastic headbands are great for this purpose as well. To do this, cut out the section where your headphones will go through with scissors, take off any excess material around it using scissors if needed , now you have another band to use.

Rubber Bands & Paper Clips:

Hair rubber bands or paper clips can be stitched together to form a strap that fits snugly over the headband . The straps should fit securely enough so that they don’t slide down your head but not too tight around your head .

Duct Tape:

If none of these methods work you can make a strap by taking off how much duct tape needed, cut the entire length in half, now take one piece of duct tape and fold it over itself sticky side out. The next step is to wrap the band around your headphone holder with the sticky side facing down so that when you let go it sticks together.

Repeat this process until there’s no slack left on either end of how much duct tape needed then cut off any excess material using scissors if needed. If you have any extra pieces simply overlap them just enough so that they stick securely to each other without being too thick to fit through the holder .

Zip Tie:

Take how ever how many zip ties needed and slide each one through each slot on how ever how many holders or hooks on the headphones. Now twist how ever how many zip ties together to make a strap that fits snugly over your head without falling down around your neck .

Headphone Holder:

Take off how much material is needed from where you will cut, flip it over so that the backside is facing up then sew a few stitches along a couple of edges just enough so that very little thread shows through.

The next step is hook it through how ever how many headphone holders or hooks on either side of your headphones and sew how ever how many lines you need to get both ends to meet in the middle for two purposes, first so they stay secure in place and second so they don’t slip out of how ever how many holders you have .

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One of the most common questions we get asked is how to fix broken headphones. That’s why we created this guide that outlines how you can make your headphone bands more usable again with some simple steps and inexpensive materials like sweatbands, bobby pins, rubber bands or paper clips.

These quick fixes are perfect for when you’re on-the-go and don’t have time to wait in line at an electronics store waiting for a replacement pair of headphones. It also might be worth looking into replacing your old headband if it doesn’t work well once fixed so that it won’t happen again!