How to Fix Buzzing Noise in Headphones?

You may be trying to listen to music on your headphones and there’s a buzzing noise in the background. You’re not alone, many people have experienced this problem. We’ll explain how you can fix it so you can enjoy your Headphone again.

You may have tried other things, but it’s probably worth starting at the beginning and going through all of the steps again. We’ve listed them in order that we think will be most effective.

Firstly, you might not actually have a problem at all. If your music is played through an external device such as an MP3 Player or Mobile Phone, then the buzz is down to something else. try playing some music from this device with no earphones plugged in and see if the buzzing stops.

Alternatively, even if there is music being played by your computer or iPod/MP3 player, plugging in different headphones can isolate whether this is a hardware problem with your headphones or just a software issue where there are noises being produced by software running on your computer (e.g. the iTunes “gapless playback” feature

If you’ve ruled all these things out and you still have a buzzing/humming noise in your headphones, then continue reading for more suggestions…

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How to Fix Buzzing Noise in Headphones

  1. Make sure the problem actually exists with your headphones and not something else. To test this, try using other headphones or speakers to check that the sound is fine (it may be a fault in how you’ve set up your computer for example). You could also try connecting your Headphone to different computers if possible.
  2. Check that there’s nothing wrong with how you have connected your Headphone . It should go into both earpieces from the audio jack on your computer/sound card. If it connects by a wire, then disconnect it and see if the buzzing noise goes away.
  3. Check all of the wires are secure at both ends – they can sometimes get loose over time which will cause connection problems like this one.
  4. Check how the Headphone is connected. Is it plugged into the Line Out or Headphones Out Jack? Most computers have separate outputs for these functions, and most Headphones need to be plugged in to ‘Line’ to work properly. You should see a jack marked ‘L’ or how they are sometimes marked – headphone jack. The other side of this will be how you plug in any speakers if you want them too. If your computer does not have separate outputs for Line and Headphones then it’s possible that the problem is occurring here . If nothing seems to help then you’ll need some more advanced troubleshooting
  5. If there are other electronic devices near by (a TV for example) then connect your Headphone directly to the computer to see if this helps. If it does, then you’ll need to try some other steps because the built-in hardware on a TV can cause interference which in turn causes buzzing noises.
  6. Try switching off all of your devices and then starting again. Make sure that this includes your speakers as well (remove any cables before turning them on and off). You should also restart your computer at this point, but how long you leave it totally depends how old it is – for an older computer we’d recommend about five minutes if possible.
  7. This could be the last step if other solutions haven’t worked. Buying a different brand or even model Headphone would solve the problem because it may be that they are just incompatible in some way – though how this happens isn’t always obvious.


We hope this article has helped you find a solution to the buzzing noise in your headphones. Your question was not answered? Leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!