How To Fix Headphones/Earbuds When One Side Doesn’t Work?

It is indeed very disappointing and frustrating when one side of the earbuds stops working. There are reasons why one side of the earbuds stops functioning though. Nevertheless, you can try one of the following ways to channelize sound on both sides of the earbuds.

Twist the cord so much so that sounds start coming from both the sides. Once it is functional and operational, you can tape it tightly so that it doesn’t leave the positioned setting again.

The second way to manage the situation is by opening the earbud and soldering wires to restore the connection. This is a complicated procedure and you most likely will be needing an expert’s assistance.

how to fix headphones

Let’s discuss the first one for now and leave the second method for a professional welder.

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How to fix earbuds when one side doesn’t work?

You can simply apply the taping method. It is not at all complicated and can be managed by anyone at home, easily.

Step 1: recognizing the problem:

First thing first, you need to identify the problematic area. simply follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Wear earbuds and play music.
  • Identify the bud from where music is not coming.
  • Ensure that the problem is not on the jack. In short, be confident in recognizing the issue.

Step 2: twisting of the cord:

This is the main step and needs complete attention. Reason being, if you will twist the wire too much, it may damage the wire. Eventually, the result will be in maintaining no connection. However, if you will do it lightly, it may not give the required outcome. Therefore, you need to be clear and smart while twisting. Try to follow steps enlisted below for perfect twisting.

  • Straighten the wire.
  • Then bend it lightly while adjusting the cord.
  • Move the twists towards the damaged side of the earbuds.
  • As soon as you start hearing music, stop.
  • Hold the cord and maintain balance.
  • Find the point from where the connection is distorted or broken.

Step 3: taping the cord:

This is another technical step in which you have to hold the cord while taping the twists. How you can do that? Well, simply follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Put pressure on the twisted cord and hold it firmly.
  • Use another hand to wrap the tape around the twisted cord.
  • The use of earbuds in the tapes cord will enable you to use the earbuds for as long as you want.
how to fix earbuds when one side work

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Understand, it is a temporary fixture. It means that you will either need to repeat the procedure or buy another pair of earbuds if the problem persists.

However, the need for new earbuds will arise only if the connection of wires and sounds is jeopardized. Same process can be done with Samsung earphones when one side doesn’t work.