5 Ways to Get Rid of Static Noise in Headphones/Earbuds

Do you know that there are some very easy ways to reduce static noise? If you want to know them too, then read on. Because in this article we have revealed basic and very useful ways to get rid of static noise in headphones.

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#1. Substitute for Jacks

We all know that there are several jacks (audio) in the personal computer. To reduce or get rid of static noise, it is recommended to take out the wire from the one you are using. Insert the wire in another speaker jack. That will give a temporary solution. In this way, you will not be missing out on anything important. However, for the permanent fixture, you can take the headphone to a local electronic retail shop.

#2. Headphone Connections with Audio Jacks

It is very easy to check the laptop or desktop to remove static noise from a headphone. We suggest you remove all the cables from the system. Then, remove the case of the side panel. This is particularly when you use desktop. Locate the inside of the headphone’s input. Now, once you have found the input jack, softly solder the tip. Twisting has to be done so much so that a tiny bead-like ball is formed in the edge. After doing it successfully on one end, repeat the procedure for the other end too. However, ensure that the beads are not too close to each other. Once the soldering is done appropriately, you can have non-static headphones.

How to Get Rid of Static Noise in a Headphone

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How to Get Rid of Static Noise in Headphones… New Ways Explained

We have discussed some other working methods…

#3. Cleaning and Maintenance

Another best way to get away from headphone’s static noise is to do regular cleaning. That means you can clean audio jacks through the help of cotton swabs. For that, you have to take cotton and then place it in the audio jack in such a way that cleaning from the inside is also done. However, for best and effective results, use Isopropyl alcohol. Follow the steps mentioned below in this regard.

  • Take a cotton swap.
  • Dip it in the alcohol.
  • Do the inside out cleaning of jack of the headphones.

Ensure that the computer is turned off and the cords are removed from the jack.

#4. Wires and its Checking

Wires loosen up easily. That is done accidentally without even noticing it much. In such a situation, you must check on the wires of headphones. If you think it is loosened up and are not tightened, then fix them immediately. Mostly, corrosion of wires become the source of static noise. Therefore, you need to keep a check on that as well.

#5. Upgrades of Headphones

Last but not least, media recordings are the hurdle in listening. Most recent makes of headphones are best with the old recordings of songs. That’s why we always recommend people to use upgraded headphones. That helps in avoiding static noise.