How To Play Sound Through Speakers And Headphones At The Same Time?

First thing first, you should understand the need for multiple ports or outputs in the devices. That will help in playing sound through speakers and headphones simultaneously. It also means that you must know the basics of the devices. There are many devices which only cater to headphone or speakers, and not both of them at the same time. Therefore, the requirements can be attained only when the devices have compatibility to function headphones and speakers together.


Always remember to do the following before syncing headphones and speakers together.

  • Read the specifications at the guidebook before trying to link it up with the speaker and headphone.
  • Foresee issues that could be seen during connecting headphones as well as speakers.
  • Consult to the professional if you are unable to handle the situation.
  • Call the device operator to help you in fixing the problem if needed.

How to Play Sound Through Speakers and Headphones at the Same Time?

1. For Smart TV:

Following the steps mentioned below will assist you in connecting speakers and headphones with the smart television set.

  1. First thing first, you need to check if the television has multiple sources to connect wires. Then, locate a source for pairing/connecting “audio cable” to “audio out” card (also known as jack).
  2. After connecting an audio cable, it turns to connect the “audio cable’ to “audio in” socket/jack.

How To Play Sound Through Speakers And Headphones




What to Remember While Connecting Audio Cables?

At times, headphones need something that is like a composite connector (mostly found in white and red color combination). That means, they do not need connectors in the form of mini plugs. In situations where the mini plugs are not provided with the headphones, you need to get in touch with the electronics retailer. He will be able to give complete information in regard to stereo to RCA (mini) plug cable.

2. For Windows:

To use speakers and headphones simultaneously in Windows 7, Windows, 10, or Windows 8.1, kindly follow the guide below.

  1. Speakers and headphones must be connected to the jacks of the laptop.
  2. Then, put the cursor on the volume icon. Press the right side of the mouse and enter “sound options”. Click on the “sounds dialog”.
  3. The third step is to right click on the speaker under “playback” button. After that, press “set as default” so that it will make it default.
  4. Next, press on the “recording” tab.
  5. Go to the microphone and then right click to get a drop-down option. Find “properties” and click on that too.
  6. Find “listen” option and click. There will be a box with the title “listen to device”. Choose “headphone” option from the drop-down list of features (mentioned under “playback through the device).
  7. Go on to the “apply” option and click.

Final Thoughts

This is all about the procedure to connect headphones and speakers to the laptop at the same time. However, due to any reason, if headphones and speakers don’t function concurrently, then check if the speaker is on the default setting or not.