How to Record Audio With Headphones Plugged In?

I bet you’ve been wondering how to record audio with headphones plugged in. Well, wonder no more! I’m going to show you a few ways that you can use to record audio with your headphones plugged in and get the best recording possible. There are many different methods for doing this depending on what kind of device you’re using so Here are the different methods for how to record audio with headphones plugged in.

Step by Step process on How to Record Audio with Headphone Plugged in Using MAC

  • To find how to record audio with headphones plugged in Mac is to plug them directly into your mic jack instead of going through the 3.5mm headphone jack.
  • If you’re using an older version of OS X and have a mic jack then that’s how how to plug in headphones for recording.
  • Go into the GarageBand, Open up garage band and go into the “project” menu at the top left hand corner of your screen.
  • Then, click on “Preferences”. In the new window that appears, there will be a slider called input level.
  • Move it all the way down so that 0dB is displayed just above it. Then close out of preferences by hitting OK in the bottom right hand corner.
  • Next open up garageband again but this time click on file > new project.
  • Now hit the small tab at the top left corner of your screen that says “Audio/Midi”. A drop-down menu will appear, choose “Line In” so how to record audio with headphones plugged in MAC is easier. Go ahead and click on the red circled button and record audio with headphones plugged in MAC

Step by Step process How to Record Audio with Headphones Plugged in Using Window

  • Plug in the headphones to the 3.5mm headphone jack on your computer
  • Go into Sound Mixer
  • Right click on speaker icon at bottom right
  • select “Recording Devices”.
  • Select your recording device from the list you see.
  • Now go to File>New Project and name it what ever you want.


The advantages of using this method of recording audio with headphones plugged in Mac or PC are that one can listen to what they’re recording without going back and forth between tracks.

This is also a good way how to record acoustic instruments such as guitar and piano because you won’t have to worry about leakage (the sounds from the mic being picked up by your other instruments).


There are many disadvantages of using this method for recording audio with headphones plugged in, the main disadvantage being that you only have one track on which to record so if something goes wrong during the process of recording, there’s no going back.

In addition, this can be quite inconvenient if you want to do multiple takes because you’ll have to keep unplugging and then replugging your headphones in order to hear the track you’re working on.


It’s possible to record audio with headphones plugged in Mac or PC, however, there are many disadvantages associated with this type of recording that make it more inconvenient than just plugging your headphones into a separate jack such as the mic jack. Often times because using this method is so inconvenient and impractical for multi-track recording it’s better off just using a different headphone set altogether instead of going through all the trouble of figuring out how to record audio with headphones already plugged in.