How to Reset Jaybird Freedom Headphones

It’s a problem we all know too well. You’re listening to your favorite song, the perfect beat is flowing through your head and suddenly it stops – what just happened? You have reached the end of your playlist or maybe you forgot to charge your headphones, but whichever way you look at it, you are out of luck. That was until now! We have found a simple solution that will reset those pesky Jaybird Freedom Headphones for good. Say goodbye to dead batteries and hello to an easy fix! All you need is one household item (and no not duct tape) and some patience.

Just because you’re out of luck with the resetting process doesn’t mean that you have to resort to buying a new pair. Jaybird may be a brand that prides itself on state of the art technology and high quality but they don’t skimp on price. In fact, depending where you purchase them from, prices can range from $100-$200!

The best place to buy headphones online is Amazon as you will find the cheapest deals for Jaybird Freedom Headphones as well as reviews from consumers who have already tried them. They also offer fast delivery so your products arrive within a few days.

The reset button on these headphones is very small and located in one of the earpieces at the base near the speaker. It’s usually flush with the casing so you almost have to feel for it. If you are using your fingernail, try using some tweezers first as this will give you more grip and control over the process.

How to Reset Jaybird Freedom Headphones

To reset your Jaybird Freedom headphones, all you need is a paperclip!

The first step is to unplug both ear pieces from their respective slots on the main body of the device. Unfold your paperclip fully into straight line then insert one end into the hole located at on of the speakers on either side of your headset. You should hear a click which confirms that the button has been prodded successfully. While still applying pressure to that same spot, move down to where the charging cables plug in and hold that in place with your finger.

Now move the paperclip down to the reset hole and press in for a second time. Once you hear another click both lights on either speaker should flash 3 times before going out. You can now unplug your headphones from their respective slots and return them back to normal use!

So what do these steps achieve? When you push down on this button it resets all of your settings such as your volume levels, equalizer preferences and maximum volume limits. There is also an automatic shutdown function which occurs after 10 minutes of inactivity with no audio playing.

This is also activated when you perform the reset process (hence why both lights flash 3 times). This means that if you go on a run and forget to charge your headphones you can leave them for 10 minutes while you catch up on the news, then return to find that they are fully charged. The speaker lights will also flash 3 times if there is an error with the hardware itself but this rarely happens.


All in all, it’s not complicated at all! If your Jaybird Freedom Headphones won’t turn on, don’t panic yet. There may be nothing wrong with the battery or even the device itself – it could simply be down to another setting or preference that needs resetting. The only thing left for you to do now is try out your brand new (and fully functioning) headset and enjoy!