How to Use Two Headphones on PC?

Would you like to share your music with a friend? Are you looking for something more hands-on in the way of entertainment or are just feeling isolated and want some company? If so, connecting two headphones is perfect. In this article we’ll explore how different types of connection cables can help make that happen!

Do you ever feel like the sound quality from your PC is lacking? It seems that no matter what you do, it never sounds as crisp and clear. Well there’s good news- Windows 10 now has a multiple sound output option which allows two headphone inputs at once! No more having to decide between using one set with both ears or switching back and forth for each ear; this means twice the fun while getting double of everything else too– even when playing games (and especially in VR)!

Connecting two headphones on a PC is not difficult. All that’s needed is the right type of cable or adapter and you can connect them in three different ways: with an analog splitter, or through Bluetooth technology.

Analog Splitter Cable

The best way to use two headphones at once comes from an analog audio splitter cable. If you’ve got a headphone jack on your computer, plug one end into the port and attach another set of plugs onto each other for both sets of earphones to receive sound simultaneously from the same source as it travels down both cables equally. For those who can’t find this kind of connector or if they would rather have something specifically made for how to use two headphones with a PC (often available on Amazon), there are also options that come in handy here.

Step By Step Process:

  1. Connect the analog splitter cable to your computer and both of your headphones
  2. Open the Sound app on Windows 10
  3. Select “Playback Devices” from the sidebar menu, then select “Set as Default Device” for one of them in order to make it work with both headsets
  4. Close all other programs that might be playing sound so they don’t interfere with what you’re listening to
  5. Put one headset on and play a song or video, then put the other headset on and listen at same time! 
  6. If you want to use just one headphone, open Settings > System tab > Audio tab > Speakers/Headphones & Other Audio Devices section and turn off whichever device is selected as default playback device (either Headset 1 or Headset 2) by clicking its volume button icon until it turns black-and-grayed out, which means it’s muted; now only that single headphone will work when plugged into your computer’s audio jack port

Bluetooth Technology

Another way of connecting two sets of earphones is through Bluetooth technology, which will make it possible for both headsets to have their own designated signal from the same computer or device. One set would need an adapter that can plug into your headphone jack and then you’ll want to pair them using Bluetooth (either by holding down the pairing button in each set’s case or following instructions within your selected app). Once they’re connected, One headset should be able to receive sound as long as it’s not playing anything at the moment while the other receives nothing until activated (whether pressing play on one side first or hitting play simultaneously). This way is more convenient and provides the best quality sound.

Step By Step process

  1. Connect the two bluetooth-enabled headphones to your PC
  2. Turn off one of the bluetooth devices and turn on the other
  3. The first device will automatically be paired with your computer, so make sure it is turned on
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for each headphone you want to use simultaneously
  5. Adjust volume levels as needed by using the volume buttons on either side of your keyboard or through a media player like iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc.
  6. Play audio from any app that allows you to send sound output via Bluetooth (e.g., Pandora) or any app that has an option for sending sound output via Bluetooth (e.g., Skype).  You can also listen to audio files stored locally in folders synced with iCloud Drive or Dropbox if they are set up correctly
  7. If you have a laptop without physical volume buttons, then adjust your system’s master volume by clicking “Sound” in Control Panel > Sound > “Adjust System Volume.” Alternatively, press Ctrl + Pause/Break keys together while watching video content from any app that supports this functionality (e g , Netflix) and select which speakers should receive sound input during playback


Whether you want to use two headphones for extended periods of concentration or as a way to share media with another person, there are many different options. We hope this article has helped you understand how to connect two headphones on your PC and the ways in which they can be used. If not, let us know! Which of these methods have worked best for your purposes?