Jaybird X3 Review – Excellent Headphones For Workout

Jaybird X3 is one of those workout earplugs with noise cancellation characteristics. These two traits combined together make a perfect headphone. Since it has all the major features of the best headphone, it is nominated in the contest of the year 2020.

This article is a true depiction of unbiased reviews. It clearly means that features, characteristics, pros, cons, and everything related to Jaybird X3 is discussed neutrally. Furthermore, this section also looks after the user’s reviews so that new customers know exactly what the headphone is like.

Product Overview

Jaybird X3 was released in the month of November 2016. Dimensions of Jaybird X3 is good enough for the purchase – 24 inches into 27.5 mm into 24.5 mm. When it comes to weight, it is 13.8 grams. Salient features of jaybird X3 are the resilience towards sweat and water.


Pros and Cons

Following are some of the main pros and cons of Jaybird X3. Let’s check them out…

  • Jaybird X3 is synched to the application which is very useful
  • Comes with the best fit on head and ear
  • Price is not too much and is considered reasonable by many buyers
  • Its sound quality is not like other earplugs but is fine for beginners
  • Ratings for waterproof quality is missing


Jaybird X3 Review and Features

Jaybird X3 is typically good for workouts as these are earbuds and have noise cancellation attributes. Since the company manufactured an entire line of X series, which include Jaybird X4, Jaybird X3, and Bluebuds X; the success of the Jaybird as a company is pretty obvious. Moreover, the newest X4 faces complaints from the users. However, Jaybird X3 is pretty neat from every aspect.

In the Jaybird X3 Review we’ve discussed the following points in detail.

  • Comfort and Ease
  • Life of Battery
  • Design and Style
  • Quality of Sound
  • Portability

Comfort and Ease

These headsets are very easy and comfortable for use. Are you thinking about how can we say that? Well, we can say that the properties of Jaybird X3. First and foremost, it is all about how it complies the need to installing earplugs. It is because the tips of (memory) foam are contoured within a second. If you are someone who is a fitness geek, then Jaybird X3 takes the care. It means when someone uses Jaybird X3 for five to seven miles in a day, he or she will not face any hurdle in staying the headset operational. Mainly the ingenious attribute is aligned with movements of every sort. Cables and buds are not budged, which makes constitutes more comfortability and ease.

jaybird x3 earbuds

Battery Life

Ear tips are made up of foam which is why Jaybird X3. Besides that, it claims to run (as in operate) for good eight to nine hours. However, for that, you have to charge the earplugs fully and completely. If we do a comparison, you will find out that the exact number of hours are given by Jaybird X2. Technically speaking, eight hours of functioning time is a bit too less, considering its small size.

Design and Style

If we compare Jaybird X2 and Jaybird X3, there are certain improvements in the latter. Design, as well as style, is a lot better. So much so that we can easily say that Jaybird X3 is a total makeover of the previous model or version. Both have plastic as the main source of manufacturing. However, the X3 is a lot enhanced in quality. Appearance is versatile. Color combinations are good to look at. Earbuds are sleek and slimmer in comparison to X2. Nevertheless, both have a bit sturdy but bulky structure. X3 has the addition of ear tips as well as wings. Good thing is that the Jaybird X3 is good for continuous hours of use.

Quality of Sound

Honestly speaking, the sound quality of Jaybird X3 is not very good. As per rating by the experts, it got 6th rank out of 10 products. Although earbuds have not made the perfect stature, they are still better than the previous model. They are good enough for regular and continuous eight hours of use. However, the user finds thinness in sound. it is due to the fact that the bass is of the weakest nature.

Clarity of sound is average because it doesn’t possess crispness as other earbuds do. You better don’t try making phone calls with these earbuds. Reason being, you will only find it hard to listen to the person on the other end. It at times is clear and other times you have to be very careful while listening. Professionals and experts in the group of ours checked it repeatedly to find better findings, but we failed massively.


Jaybird X3 is best in regard to portability. It stands on 2nd rank out of 10 in compactness and transportability factor. The cable is flexible, earbuds are small and light, which allows quick and easy packing or wrapping in a box.

Conclusion – Last Verdict

According to the users, Jaybird X3 is good earbuds to use. Water resistance lacks to the worst side and that is indeed a drawback of Jaybird X3. There is good news for those who have bought X3 though. They can update Jaybird X3 into next version Jaybird X4. All in all, Jaybird X3 is a good option for those who hit the gym regularly or go out for running on daily basis.