Why are my Headphones Volume too Low? Three Best Solutions

It is mostly presumed that due to dirt in the headphones and low maintenance, headphones tend to lose volume. It is also observed that due to some technical faults, the problem seem to occur. Furthermore, it is also about the sound card that reveals an issue in low volume. In this article, you will get to read about all the possible solutions to headphones with low volume.

Why are my headphones volume too low?

As mentioned above, it is mainly linked to three concerns. Each of them is dealt with separately so that you can get the best guide to combat the issue.


Solution #1: Remove Dirt and Dust

Interestingly, individuals place their headphones in a case. At times, those cases are not cleaned or washed. Which tend to bring problem in listening to audios because they are too low. If you want to locate the problem, then it is best to clean the case regularly. However, if you are skeptical about the cleaning, follow the steps mentioned below.

Method 1: Air Compression:

  • Bring headphones close to the mouth.
  • Blow the air so much so that the dust is cleaned.
  • You can use a hairdryer too.

Method 2: Use of Tape:

  • Take a piece of tape.
  • Wrap it around the grills of the speaker.
  • Remove it after a tight fixture.
  • All the dirt will stick to the tape.
  • That way, you will be able to listen to the audio in the perfect and required volume.

Method 3: Cleaning of the Headphone’s Jack:

  • Take a Q-tip
  • With the soft hand, place it in the jack.
  • Take it out after rotating it inside. Be gentle.

Why are my Headphones Volume too Low

Solution #2: Better Audio Recordings and Resolutions

There are points in time when the application on the Google Play Store or Apple Store lack in the quality of audios. Some of them are so bad that you start to think if the problem is in the headphone or the application. If you are using Android, then you can simply check on the settings. Android has its separate equalizer, advanced settings, and requirements of passing quality check, which help in restoring headphones issue with low volume. However, you should be careful while using any third-party help. Nevertheless, the following are some of the best volume boosters for your headphones.

  • Music Bass Booster
  • 10 Band Equalizer
  • Equalizer FX

Solution #3: Technical Faults and Glitches

Last but not least, there is another solution to the problem of low volume in headphones – technical errors. Those who see the problem in the headphones’ volume must get it checked from a nearby electronics retailer. That is to ensure that the problem is there or not. If you know that there are issues with the headphones then you need to get its wiring checked. Otherwise, it could be due to other reasons.